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Sean McGaughey: Songs and Lyrics

I am a folk and children’s musician who performs across Simcoe County, Ontario in Folk Clubs and schools.

Songs from my CD, For the Sake of the Song

For the Sake of the Song CD cover

mp3 link Lyrics

  1.       mp3
    The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be
  2.       mp3
    For the Sake of the Song
  3.       mp3
    It’s A Game
  4.       mp3
    Borrowed Land
  5.       mp3
    Dark Beauty
  6.       mp3
    Fight Back
  7.       mp3
    Beds and Boots
  8.       mp3
    Duct Tape Song
  9.       mp3
    Words of Wisdom
  10.       mp3
    All The Times
  11.       mp3
    Homeless Babe
  12.       mp3
    Piece of Paradise
  13.       mp3
    Ode to James
  14.       mp3
    No Matter What Your Age Is

Other Songs and Demos

Many of my songs can also be downloaded for free at

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Here are a few videos of me playing my music.

For the Sake of the Song at the Good Vibes Coffeehouse

I have also been a guest a couple of times on RussTV, a children’s program on Youtube hosted by my good friend Russ Clayton.Here is Russ Singing my signature song, The Ductape Song, which he recorded on one of his CDs, followed by Russ and I singing Down By the Bay.

Another Episode where I was the Guest on RussTV.