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I called Bill Deys of the Deyscast, Country Music Cast, and host of the Podcamp Boston back chat room shortly after Podcamp wrapped up. We spoke of the announcement that Podcamp is lifting Rule #4 that all podcamps be free to participants. This may help reduce the number of people who register for Podcamps but do not show up. We also talked about how I am an Internet Visionary. Three weeks ago I posted LOLephants on my Catholic Canadian blog, with lolcat captions on pictures of me. It included this picture of me running? from a T-Rex. The first LOLsaur

As often happens at conferences like this, a bunch of people had a crazy idea about LOLCats with dinosaurs. Before the end of the conference, Nico Pin had developed a website design, they had registered the domain and was born.
I think it’s so cool that I had a similar idea three weeks earlier. Way to go guys. Bill handed the phone to Nico at this point. Nico and I talked about the ongoing discussion around having wifi at conferences like this. On the one hand, it’s a boon to people like me who can’t physically be at the conference, but can still participate via the Internet. On the other hand, it can detract from the SOCIAL part of social media– actually meeting the people you have encountered on the internet.

I hope you enjoyed my remote coverage of Podcamp Boston as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks to Mark, Bob, Nico, Jay and Bill for taking the time to talk with me.

Oh and I WILL be at Podcamp Toronto on February 23 and 24.

Podcamp Toronto February 23-24, 2008

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I spoke with Bill Deys of the Deyscast, Country Music Cast, and host of the Podcamp Boston back chat room shortly after he woke this morning. Enjoy.

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I spoke with Mark Blevis in Boston about his impressions of Podcamp Boston.  Jay Moonah was also on the line from Toronto, and you can hear Bob Goyetche in the background.

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I can’t be at PodCamp Boston 2 this weekend.  Woe is me.  But I can participate through the magic of the Internets.  I’ve been watching some of the sessions on and participating in the conversation on twitter and on Bill Dey’s chatroom.  I’m also preparing periodic special reports live from Podcamp Boston.  If you are at podcamp and you’d like to give me a brief update, skype ductapeguy.

Here is my first special report from Bob Goyetche of the Bob and AJ Show, Podcasters Across Borders, and the Canadian Podcast Buffet.

Breaking News:  Podcamp Toronto 2008 has been just announced for February 23-24, 2008

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Episode 2 of for the Sake of the Song features Jay Moonah from Uncle Seth and the Online Music Marketing Podcast.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)
Borrowed Land (© 2003, S. McGaughey)
Get Outta My Face (© Jay Moonah)
Little Pieces (© Jay Moonah)
A Little Bit More ( © Jay Moonah)

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

As always, this episode released under a Creative Commons License so if you like what you hear, share it with your friends, just don’t sell it.

Add this podcast to your favorite podcatcher at

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At Podcamp Toronto, I hung out a bit with Doc Wu. He had a wealth of knowledge about podcasting, a great sense of humour, and a never ending bag of the neatest recording gear. This week, I am the featured artist on the Buffalo Live! Music Podcast with Doc Wu. He interviewed me about my performance and my music. A good portion of our discussion concerned Librivox. He certainly puts in a good word for me and Librivox on the podcast (not to mention playing a whole whack of my music Smile ) .



Librivox Community Podcast 26 March 8, 2007


Hosts: Sean McGaughey (ductapeguy) and Jim Mowatt with special guest, Hugh McGuire

  1. LV Theme

  2. Librivox Hellos to Podcamp Toronto

  3. Introduction and how Jim was able to “attend podcamp”

  4. Sean McGaughey

          For the Sake of the Song
    , live from Podcamp Toronto 2007

  5. Interview with Steve “Snowball” Saylor from This Week in Geek

  6. Discussion with Jim Regarding the VoxForge Speech Recognition thread Help Improve Open Source Speech Recognition, on the forum

  7. Stats by Hugh

  8. Other Libri Projects

  9. Interview with Connie Crosby

  10. Promo Time:

    1. Help us to complete as many books as possible during MARCH MADNESS!

    2. Sean (ductapeguy) recorded a book written by his brother-in Law Andrew Beatty, White Trash Land and it is just about to be released on

  11. Jim gives an overview of Newly Started Projects.

  12. darwin & boing boing Discussion on the completion of Darwin’s Origin of the Species and BoingBoing.

  13. Uncle Seth at Podcamp,

  14. Blooper by ductapeguy.

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