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After the passing of Bob Goyetche in November, the Canadian Podcasting community rallied and decided to have a memorial PAB reunion and boat cruise in Kingston where the first PAB conferences were held. This is the weekend. I can’t go till tomorrow, so I made a quick walkcast using just my phone. My how times have changed.

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Canadian100club-500 px final

I’ve been working for a couple months to produce a webpage of Canadian podcasts which have produced over 100 episodes. In the podcasting world, the 100th episode is considered a milestone.   Click here to go to the Canadian Podcast 100 Club.

Congratulations to the great folks who created 100 or more episodes of the  following 21 Canadian Podcasts.

Congratulations to the great people who have brought you all this great programs.

I have compiled the list using the amazing Castroller website. Castroller is a site that allows you to easily find, manage and share collections of podcasts. Check it out.  You can find all the Canadian Century Club Podcasts at .

You can import an OPML file of the whole set into your favorite podcatcher at

If you have a podcast with over 100 episodes, feel free to add the Canadian Podcast 100 Club to your site with a link to

Canadian Podcast 100 Club Badge 500X500px

Canadian Podcast 100 Club Badge 200X200px

Please let me know if there are other Canadian podcasts with more than 100 episodes which I have failed to add to this list.  I would be happy to add them.

  • Update: Somehow, the amazing lovehatethings blog and podcast slipped under the radar of my awareness.  My loss.   Anthony Marco is a blogging and podcast machine.  In a little over a year, he has posted about 500 articles and 104 podcasts about, technology, pop culture, music, social media, the copyfight, a pinch of sarcasm and a pound of rant.  Congratulations Anthony on reaching the your 100th episode.  I’m late to the party listening to your podcast but I’m hooked.

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Podcasters Across Borders was in Kingston last weekend. On Saturday evening, we took a lovely boat cruise around Kingston complete with an open mic for all the podcasting musicians. This show features highlights from that cruise and includes performances by myself, Mark Blevis, Bob Goyetche, Chris Brogan, Jay Moonah, Danielle Lennon, Bob Ledrew, John Meadows. My daughter proved that she was the youngest podcaster on the boat by interviewing people using the video feature on her camera. Her interviewees included myself, George Motoc, Andrea Ross and Chris Brogan.

Enjoy a slice of PAB.


You can leave comments on the blog, send me an email to ductapeguy at hotmail dot com, send me a voice feedback at 206-337-0611, or join the For The Sake of the Song Podcast group on Facebook.

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Over the past few weeks, several of my peers in the podcasting community  have reached the milestone of 100 shows.  Congratulations to Mark and Bob at the Canadian Podcast Buffet, Isabelle and Dave at Broca’s Area, Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation, and Javier, Gerard and the crew at the Hands and Feet Show.  The Bob and AJ show is at show 98 and should be able to release their 100th show before Podcasters Across Borders in June.

My current episode of For the Sake of the Song with Kyle Heimann from Popple is Episode 50.   I was feeling a little down that it will be some time before I reach my 100th episode, then I started doing soime math.  I currently have  6 more shows ‘in the can’ to be released between now and the end of June.  With podcast extras, and other special episodes I have 65 produced shows on my For the Sake of the Song site.  I also produced 25 audio podcasts for my Lenten multimedia project, 40 Days of Catholic Media on my Catholic Canadian site. We produced 14 episodes of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast this winter.  My recording of my brother in law, Drew Beatty’s podcast novel, White Trash Land has 23 sections.    Since October 2006, I have hosted about 20 episodes of the Librivox Community Podcast.  I have also completed 89 sections of public domain books and poetry for Librivox.   There are probably a couple special one-off projects with groups like Twisted pines that I’m overlooking as well.

Just a sec while I do the math here.

65 plus 25– carry the one,  add 14 plus 23, then 20 more add 89 equals…

236 audio programs that I have produced in the last 18 months or so.

(give or take a few)

Well none of my projects is currently near the century mark, I do believe I’m amassing a fair body of work.

Enough of blowing my own horn.  I now return you to the regularly scheduled conversations with some wonderful songwriters.

Mark Blevis

In the podcasting community, Mark Blevis needs no introduction. He is co-host of the Canadian Podcast Buffet and Just One More Book!. His other podcasts include Electric Sky , Growing Enthusiasm , The Robert Farrell Podcast and Swimming In Literary Soup. He also maintains the Canadian Podcast Directory and organizes Podcasters Across Borders, along with Bob Goyetche. Mark is also a songwriter and musician, having played in the Robert Farrell Band. He has a sample song available as Mark Harold Band on the Podsafe Music Network.

Our discussion was wide ranging from music, to podcasting and beyond.

Name Dropping: (Links Discussed in this Episode)

Robert Farrell Band
Jowie Taylor and the Six String Nation
Podcasters Across Borders
Derek Miller and the Neurotics
Canadian Podcast Buffet
Podcasters Across Borders
Jay Moonah: Online Music Marketing Podcast (Sadly discontinued but still a tremendous resource)
Baba’s Beach
Jonathan Coulton
Matthew Ebel
Uncle Seth

Mix Tapes

Downhill Battle: Home Taping is Killing the Music Industry… and It’s fun!

mechanical royalties


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Freedom for My Soul (© Mark Blevis and Robert Farrell) from the Podsafe Music Network.

Six String Nation(©2007 S. McGaughey)
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Both Mark and I will be at Podcamp Toronto,  a free 2 day conference February 23 and 24, 2008. Check it out at

Podcamp Toronto February 23-24, 2008

Download a Podcamp Toronto audio promo to use on your podcast here or here.


This Week, I thought I would do an End of year Round-up of For the Sake of the Song and replay some of the great music I’ve featured this year. It was tricky picking just 12 or 13 songs. Since March, I have recorded 45+ episodes of For the Sake of the Song. If each song had 3 or 4 songs, thats over 120 songs to choose from. This is episode 37, so you can see from above that I already have a number of shows ready for 2008. Upcoming guests include John Lunman, Peter Judd , The Undesirables, Trout Fishing in America, Mark Blevis, Manitoba Hal, Pork Belly Futures and Chris Yale.

I have also continued to be a regular contributor to the Librivox Community Podcast and have started a podcast for Podcamp Toronto. In 2007, I produced about 60 podcast episodes, and I’m not sure how many chapters and poems for Librivox.
Where I’ve Been

Podcamp Toronto 2008

PAB 2008

Podcamp Toronto Blog

Upcoming in 2008

Podcamp Toronto 2008

PAB 2008

Songs in this Episode

  1. Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey) Alyssa Wright accompanied me on the spur of the moment and made me sound sooo good. Thanks.
  2. Daffodils in the Rain ( © Olivia Duck)
  3. I am an Island (© Aaron Howes)
  4. Duct Tape Song (©1999 S. McGaughey) with Wendell Ferguson on lead guitar
  5. Gonna Struggle (© Bryan Murdaugh)
  6. Sunshine and Roses ( © Greg Hobbs)
  7. Goodbye City ( © Scott Cooper )
  8. Don’t Kill (© Hammel on Trial)
  9. Mama Taught Me How To Pray © Nancy Dutra
  10. Harvest Time ( © paul court and Don Bray)
  11. Two Bit Suit © John Wort Hannam
  12. When Hensley’s Had Enough ( © Steve Caston)
  13. Angels (© 2007 Sean McGaughey).

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(Some of you may need to fill your glass before you continue).

18. Tod Maffin’s informal presentation of From Idea to Air in his hotel room.

17. Chatting with the Scarborough Dude over the fence after he got banned from the bar.

16. Julian stating a “universal truth” about podcasting then jumping on Tod Maffin’s bed.

15. Connie Crosby liveblogging the talks.

14. Meeting Nico, Terry Fallis, and John (Oops) Mark and Maureen from Baba’s Beach.

13. The Canadian Podcast buffet.

12. Todd Maffin may be the tech guru of Canada through his radio columns but when his Macbook crapped out 10 minutes before his presentation, he called Derek Miller in Victoria Burnaby to talk him through fixing it.

11. 86 books donated to Kingston Central School.

10. Jack Ward calling Hugh McGuire a communist during his presentation Audio Drama: It Just Might Save Your Life

9. Bill Deys’ chatroom

8. Todd Maffin on Youtube playing the cowbell with Uncle Seth.

7. Chris Penn donating a second H4 for Sunday’s draw.

6. Listening to the James Wittingham’s remote coverage on

5. My very tall 7 year old daughter running right under Mark’s legs. Man he’s tall.

4. Amaya and Charlotte laying their heads on Todd Maffin’s chest while he sat on the floor at the back of the room.

3. The spontaneous $291 raised by everyone when Bruce Murray’s camera was lost, and Chris Penn’s wonderful idea to donate the money to the school library when the camera was found.

2. Being the musical guest on Bill Deys 100th Deys cast.

1. Your podcast is not a #$#!!!!# toaster.

P.S. Since Nico won the second zoom H4 on Sunday, I’m going to start a Get Nico to Start a Podcast group on Facebook. Please join me.

My hearty thanks and congratulations go to all the presenters and especially to Bob, Mark, Cat and Andrea without whom PAB would not have happened. See you next year.

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