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Bob Goyetche tagged me with the 8 Things About Me meme.

Here we go

  1. I used to perform in musical theatre at the South Simcoe Theatre in Cookstown, Ontario.
  2. I went to the seminary for 4 years.
  3. I have been married to Nancy for 11 years and we have one daughter.
  4. Yes, I did send my Ductape Song to the Red Green Show. … and nothing happened from it.
  5. I played trombone and baritone horn in high school.
  6. I traded my baritone and a website design for a hand-made Peter Cox archtop guitar.
  7. I am faster at completing memes than Bill Deys
  8. In 1990 I lived in 7 different residences in 3 provinces and the Northwest Territories.

Now to pass it on.

Barry from Barrie, Andrew Beatty, Sarah McG.

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At the Twisted Pines Festival here in Midland on May 19, I got a chance to play the Six String Nation guitar and interview Jowi Taylor about the Six String Nation guitar for an upcoming podcast. Today he sent me the pictures from my photoshoot with the guitar. Here I am playing a bit of Canada’s history.Here I am playing the 6 string Nation guitar

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After 11 years, the family of Dudley George finally have some closure and vindication. Dudley George was participating in a peaceful occupation of the Ipperwash Provincial Park in 1995 to protest an ongoing land claim dispute of his band. The federal government had taken part of their reserve in 1942 to build an army base, and never returned it.

Dudley George was killed by a police sniper in a botched OPP raid on the peaceful protest.

11 years later a provincial inquiry has finally published its results. Here is a brief summary from a CBC report.

Ipperwash inquiry spreads blame for George’s death

“The government of former Ontario premier Mike Harris, Ottawa and the OPP all bear responsibility for events that led to the 1995 death of Dudley George, the head of the Ipperwash inquiry said Thursday.”

At the time of the Ipperwash protest, I wrote “Borrowed Land” to summarize my feelings on the issue. I recorded it on my CD. Have a listen.

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This weekend we held a Librivox Worldwide Gathering at various locations around the world. Esther aka starlite, came to our house and we spent the day recording audio, and talking with librivox volunteers around the world. At the end of the afternoon, we recorded this week’s Librivox Community Podcast with Catharine who lives in the San Fransisco area.

Show notes follow:
Librivox Community Podcast Show 35
is now available at the page for the LV community podcast or from your podcatchers.
To subscribe please use this FeedBurner link FeedBurner link

The direct link to the show is


Host: Sean McGaughey, Catharine Eastman, and Esther Lockwood
Length: 28:00

1. Welcome to the Librivox Worldwide Gathering by Sean
2. Worldwide Recitation of the Librivox Disclaimer.
3. Greetings by Shurtagal (California), Betsie, Julian and Kirstin (Chicago), Esther and Sean (Ontario), Catharine (California) and Lucy (Australia). We also spoke with David Barnes, and Chris Hughes in Great Britain, but failed to record greetings from them.
4. Catharine, Sean and Esther had did a lengthy survey of the Childrens Literature available on Librivox. Any of the works mentioned can be found on the Librivox Catalogue by clicking on More Search Options and doing a Genre Search for children.
Here is the search page we used.
5. Sarah came to give us a child’s eye view and told us about her favorite pocast, The Radio Aventures of Doctor Floyd which can be found at . She can also be heard singing and playing in the background throughout the podcast.
6. Catharine’s cats also make a cameo appearance.
7. The show ends with an impromptu singing of the Librivox Theme, followed by a father-daughter recitation of the disclaimer by Sean and Sarah.


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This weekend Barry from Barrie emailed me about getting together because as far as we know, Barry, Russ Clayton in Barrie, and myself are the only podcasters in Simcoe County Ontario.  I was just wondering if there are any other podcasters in our area.   If you are producing a podcast or vidcast in Simcoe County, let me know.

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In the last week, I have recorded shows for For the Sake of the Song, with Steve Porter, Jennifer Ives, Jay Moonah, Aaron Howes, Ken Allen, Pushbuttons, and I have 2 more interviews lined up for tomorrow.

I also recorded a YouTube video for children with my good friend, Russ Clayton, for his RussTV program.

I was featured on the Buffalo Live! Music Podcast, mentioned on the Deyscast, and had a little audio bit in this week’s

      Librivox Community Podcast

Oh, and I helped a friend with moving, spent 2 days holidaying in Toronto with my family, had a birthday party for my Mom and hung out with both my sisters. (And there are still 2 days left!)

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At Podcamp Toronto, I hung out a bit with Doc Wu. He had a wealth of knowledge about podcasting, a great sense of humour, and a never ending bag of the neatest recording gear. This week, I am the featured artist on the Buffalo Live! Music Podcast with Doc Wu. He interviewed me about my performance and my music. A good portion of our discussion concerned Librivox. He certainly puts in a good word for me and Librivox on the podcast (not to mention playing a whole whack of my music Smile ) .



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