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Podcamp London was held on April 28, 2009.  It was a wonderful gathering of podcasting, tech and social media enthusiasts from throughout central Ontario.     Kudos go to Bill, Titus, Will and all the organizers of the event.

John Meadows of the On the Log podcast and I presented a session at Podcamp London entitled:  Free is Good about free and open source audio production and podcasting tools.  Here are the audio and the slides of that session.  (Click on the slide to advance)

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Download pdf of the presentation.

Download an ODP (OpenOffice) version of the presentation.

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In November I was asked to give a presentation on listening to and creating podcasts at the Penetanguishene Public Library. Here are my slides and notes.

I Have My Own Internet Radio Show … And You Can Too


Sean McGaughey

  • Musician and Teacher

  • CD: For the Sake of the Song

  • Podcast: For the Sake of the Song– Conversations with Song

  • Volunteer reader of Audio Books for

  • Organizer and Blogger for Podcamp Toronto


What is a Podcast?

  • From:

  • A podcast is an audio or video media file that is made available on the Internet; it is much like a radio show or a video that you can listen to or watch on demand, either on your computer or — if you transfer it — on a portable media player.

  • Equipped with a microphone and recording software, just about anyone can make a podcast.


Examples of Podcasts


Dancing With Elephants

Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd

Librivox Free Audio Books

For the Sake of the Song

Russ TV


How to Listen or Watch

On a computer

Loaded on to an Mp3 player, Ipod, phone, psp

Use Itunes, Juice, Winamp or other programs to download podcasts


Where to Find Podcasts

Canadian Podcast Directory

Culture Canada Podcasts

Podcast Alley

Podcast Pickle


My Dreams

When I was 11 I had 2 dreams

To make my own record.

To have my own radio show.

I make them both in my own home with my computer.

… and you can too!


What you need


Making an Audio Podcast

A microphone: $1 from the dollar store, $10 from the computer store to lots of $$$

A computer

Free Software

Audacity is a good audio editing program and it’s Free!

A place to put it.


Making a Video Podcast

A digital camera. They all take movies these days.

A computer

Free Software

Windows Movie Maker is free on all windows computers.

A place to put it.



Now Let’s Try it Out

Let’s break into groups and make an audio commercial for the Penetang Public Library.

Library Podcasting Presentation Slides

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I called Bill Deys of the Deyscast, Country Music Cast, and host of the Podcamp Boston back chat room shortly after Podcamp wrapped up. We spoke of the announcement that Podcamp is lifting Rule #4 that all podcamps be free to participants. This may help reduce the number of people who register for Podcamps but do not show up. We also talked about how I am an Internet Visionary. Three weeks ago I posted LOLephants on my Catholic Canadian blog, with lolcat captions on pictures of me. It included this picture of me running? from a T-Rex. The first LOLsaur

As often happens at conferences like this, a bunch of people had a crazy idea about LOLCats with dinosaurs. Before the end of the conference, Nico Pin had developed a website design, they had registered the domain and was born.
I think it’s so cool that I had a similar idea three weeks earlier. Way to go guys. Bill handed the phone to Nico at this point. Nico and I talked about the ongoing discussion around having wifi at conferences like this. On the one hand, it’s a boon to people like me who can’t physically be at the conference, but can still participate via the Internet. On the other hand, it can detract from the SOCIAL part of social media– actually meeting the people you have encountered on the internet.

I hope you enjoyed my remote coverage of Podcamp Boston as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks to Mark, Bob, Nico, Jay and Bill for taking the time to talk with me.

Oh and I WILL be at Podcamp Toronto on February 23 and 24.

Podcamp Toronto February 23-24, 2008

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Barry from Barrie emailed me this weekend and said that it was almost impossible to find my email address on my blog. So I spent the weekend tweaking and redesigning the layout. It’s a work in progress but I hope it’s easier to navigate. The subscription feeds and email address are now at the top of the right hand sidebar instead of buried below. I hope it makes it easier for you to find things and enjoy my website.

When I began this podcast, I said that I would commit to biweekly podcasts on the odd Thursdays. This is so my podcasting hobby doesn’t overtake the rest of my life. It’s a schedule I can maintain even during the busy times of my work year. However, I’ve been really good at recording new shows. I currently have 4 shows ready to go, 4 that need editing, and a couple scheduled to record. I’m toying with going weekly but I don’t want to over commit. For you my listener (listeners??) I want to be very consistent once I get on track. How often would you like to hear my ramblings?

Give me some feedback in the comments section or by email with your suggestions.

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I did not produce the podcast this week, but I did do a feature for it on the official unboxing of my new digital recorder.

      Librivox Community Podcast 13

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After a long break, I’m back to blogging. Technically things have
changed a little here. I’m now using
Thingamablog 1.0.2
. My brother-in-law, Andrew changed servers for, so I had to move my files over. Now that summer is here,
I should be blogging more frequently. I have been doing a little
blogging on Andrews blog at
. Check it out. Andrew is a very funny writer.

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I just downloaded the new beta3 release of Thingamablog 1.0.
It has a
bunch of new features including WYSIWYG blog entries and support for
importing rtf files. This is going to make my blogging experience even
easier. Woo Hoo.

Check out the official announcement.

Thingamablog v1.0b3 Released