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Here’s a little roundup of my podcasting activity for 2007.

I have released 40 Episodes of For the Sake of the Song thus far and have about 9 ready to go in the upcoming weeks.

On the weekend of October 28, I was feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t at Podcamp Boston 2 so I called several of my friends who were at Podcamp Boston and released about 4 Podcamp Boston Special Reports.

These reports evolved into a regular podcast for Podcamp Toronto with Connie Crosby. We have currently produced 6 Episodes of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast leading up to the event on February 23 and 24.

Podcamp Toronto February 23-24, 2008

I produced a Podcamp Toronto audio promo to use on your podcast


2007 Also saw the release of my recording of my brother-in-law, Drew Beatty’s novel, White Trash Land, on . It has done fairly well for Andrew there.

I’ve continued to record audiobooks with and I continue to be a semi-regular host for the Librivox Community Podcast. Here is a list of the 15 podcasts I hosted for Librivox in 2007.

# Date Podcaster Link to download file (Right click and download)
018 10 Jan 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 18
023 15 Feb 2007 ductapeguy and kri Listen
to LV Podcast 23
: Valentine’s Special
025 01 Mar 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 25
: Podcamp Toronto Highlights
026 08 Mar 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 26
: More from Podcamp
028 22 Mar 2007 jimmowatt and Sean McGaughey Listen
to LV Podcast 28
030 05 Apr 2007 cloudmountainguy and ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 30
035 10 May 2007 ductapeguy ceastman starlite Listen
to LV Podcast 35
: Children’s Literature
044 12 July 2007 ductapeguy and jim mowatt Listen
to LV Podcast 44
048 09 August 2007 jimmowatt Listen
to LV Podcast 48
: 2nd anniversary of Librivox
050 23 August 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 50
052 06 September 2007 All of the Podcast Team and a cast of
to LV Podcast 52
: One Year of Librivox
Community Podcasts
057 11 October 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 57
: ductapeguy’s podversary
064 29 November 2007 ductapeguy Listen
to LV Podcast 64
066 20 December 2007 ductapeguy
      Listen to LV Podcast 66
067 27 December 2007 ductapeguy

      Listen to LV Podcast 67

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In November I was asked to give a presentation on listening to and creating podcasts at the Penetanguishene Public Library. Here are my slides and notes.

I Have My Own Internet Radio Show … And You Can Too


Sean McGaughey

  • Musician and Teacher

  • CD: For the Sake of the Song

  • Podcast: For the Sake of the Song– Conversations with Song

  • Volunteer reader of Audio Books for

  • Organizer and Blogger for Podcamp Toronto


What is a Podcast?

  • From:

  • A podcast is an audio or video media file that is made available on the Internet; it is much like a radio show or a video that you can listen to or watch on demand, either on your computer or — if you transfer it — on a portable media player.

  • Equipped with a microphone and recording software, just about anyone can make a podcast.


Examples of Podcasts


Dancing With Elephants

Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd

Librivox Free Audio Books

For the Sake of the Song

Russ TV


How to Listen or Watch

On a computer

Loaded on to an Mp3 player, Ipod, phone, psp

Use Itunes, Juice, Winamp or other programs to download podcasts


Where to Find Podcasts

Canadian Podcast Directory

Culture Canada Podcasts

Podcast Alley

Podcast Pickle


My Dreams

When I was 11 I had 2 dreams

To make my own record.

To have my own radio show.

I make them both in my own home with my computer.

… and you can too!


What you need


Making an Audio Podcast

A microphone: $1 from the dollar store, $10 from the computer store to lots of $$$

A computer

Free Software

Audacity is a good audio editing program and it’s Free!

A place to put it.


Making a Video Podcast

A digital camera. They all take movies these days.

A computer

Free Software

Windows Movie Maker is free on all windows computers.

A place to put it.



Now Let’s Try it Out

Let’s break into groups and make an audio commercial for the Penetang Public Library.

Library Podcasting Presentation Slides

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I love the ability to pre-publish articles to a future date in WordPress, but if you prepublish alot of articles and shuffle them about like I do, then wordpress gets confused and sort of randomly publishes shows on the earliest date you originally posted them, but with the date you intended.  Anyway the last two shows with Peter Judd and John Lunman both appeared earlier than I thought they would.   Enjoy.  The next scheduled show of For the Sake of the Song will feature guest songwriter and podcaster extraordinairre, Mark Blevis on January 21.   I think.  I hope …  at least that’s what it says in my WordPress dashboard.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Judd at the Canturbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll. Peter is a very funny country-flavored songwriter from Kitchener. We sat down on a picnic table at the edge of the park and recorded this episode. Enjoy.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

If I were a Cigarette ( © Peter Judd)

How to Build a Wall ( © Peter Judd)

Namedropping (Links discussed in this episode)

Peter Judd at New Music Canada

Ontario Council of Folk Festivals: Songs from the Heart Competition

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My daughter enjoys listening to podcasts with me particularly, The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd and Dancing with Elephants . We were thrilled to find out that Grant from Doctor Floyd has a daily Grant’s Advent Calender Video Podcast, and we’ve been watching every morning as we eat the chocolate out of our advent calendars. Today, Grant announced a contest on his video podcast to find out how many times he said, “Hey Everybody” in his 2005 and 2006 video podcasts.

We watched all the videos instead of Saturday morning cartoons, and here is our answer.

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It’s reported that the Canadian government is about to introduce sweeping changes to our copyright laws which take the worst excesses of the American DMCA and do little to define users rights. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to my Member of Parliament.


The Honorable Bruce Stanton
504 Dominion Avenue
Midland, Ontario
L4R 1P8

Dear Mr. Stanton:

It was good to chat with you at Saint Marie Among the Hurons last week. I am always encouraged to see our elected officials active and accessible to the community. I am writing to express my concern of the proposed revisions to Canada’s copyright act which has been widely publicized in the press. As a primary school teacher, independent singer-songwriter, producer of an Internet radio program, and a producer of free public-domain audiobooks, I have learned a great deal about the current copyright climate and I have some grave concerns with the reported changes to the copyright act.
My greatest concern is that these sweeping changes are being made without public consultation with Canadians, such as myself who produce creative works. There also seems to me no concern as to how these changes will impact will effect ordinary Canadians, and it is reported that there are no provisions made for fair dealing, for educational use, for parody and other legitimate exemptions.
Other reports I have read indicate that some of the language for the proposed bill may have come from templates provided by the CRIA. Please remember that since all the independent record labels left the organization last year, the CRIA is a spokesgroup for the multinational recording labels, and many independent Canadian businesses and artists are on the record as opposing their positions and tactics. The proposed changes as reported seem to adopt all the excesses of the United States DMCA, giving enormous rights to the owners of content with little balance as to the rights of the users– ordinary Canadians. The American system of suing college students and grandmothers for copyright infingement is fundamentally flawed. We should not repeat the American’s mistakes. We have the opportunity to find a uniquely Canadian, balanced copyright regime that respects the rights of content owners for a reasonable length of time, but also defines and respects the rights of the ordinary Canadians who purchase and use these creations. I would urge you to press for an open consultation within the government process to help Canada revise its copyright law to adequately respect the rights of all Canadians. As one of your constituents, I would happy to speak with you at more length about my perspective on copyright issues.


Sean McGaughey

c.c. my blog at

Sean McGaughey, Singer Songwriter                My new website   My Podcast:  Conversations with Songs and Songwriters    My old website Listen to my music free audiobooks in the public domain

"If duct tape isn't the answer, then you must be asking the wrong question!" - The Duct Tape Guys

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Bob Snider

My guest today is the respected Canadian folk icon, Bob Snider. Bob is a fingerstyle guitarist, songwriter, and poet who has all the musicians at a festival running across the field to catch his set. Over the past 20 years, he has released 7 of his own albums and appeared on countless compilations. There has also been a tribute album made of his songs. He has written two books on Gaspereau Press: On Songwriting and On Performance. His new CD on Borealis Records is called A Maze In Greys.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Darn Folksinger ( © Bob Snider)
Greetings as I leave ( © Bob Snider )

Namedropping (Links discussed in this episode)

Bob Snider Website

Gaspereau Press: On Songwriting and On Performance

Bob Snider on Borealis Records

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