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This is happening… in less than 3 weeks this is happening. My copilot Nick Howell and I are scrambling to complete my new EP- Life’s Lessons I’ll Never Learn.  The father I venture into the studio process, the more I realize that a record is never really “done”.  There is always something to tweak, improve, or add.  But, … less than 3 weeks.  I am excited because this is some of the best musical work I have done.  On the evening of November 18, I invite friends, acquaintances, family, and fans (do I have fans?) to join me at the Hidden Agenda Cafe in Midland for a concert and celebration of my 50th birthday. Check out the Facebook Event page for more details.


After my set, I’m requesting something I’ve seen done at other musician’s milestone events.  I am inviting my musical friends to come onstage and cover my songs.  To get ready for this I prepared a Big, Ugly, Spreadsheet of all of Sean’s Songs.  It contains lyrics, chords and demos for my 200+ songs.  Before I started it, I estimated that I had written about 150 songs.  Digging through notebooks and old digital folders, I kept finding more.  There are almost exactly 200 songs in my  Big, Ugly, Spreadsheet of all of Sean’s Songs.  I’d love to hear my friend’s interpretations of my music at my 50th birthday celebration.


As if one CD release is not enough, I plan to have CDs available for my 2017 February Album Writing Month digital only release, Guitars, Ukuleles, Etc…   Here is the cover art for Life’s Lesson’s I’ll Never Learn and Guitars, Ukuleles, Etc…  I found a dozen copies of my 2004 album, For the Sake of the Song, in the basement so those will be available too.

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