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Tomorrow, I embark on my fourth February Album Writing Month. I cannot rave enough about how the participating in FAWM has energized my creative life and supercharged my songwriting output.

Here are my 2016 FAWM Resolutions.

  • Go Wherever the muse takes me.
  • If necessary, continue forward even if I can’t discern the muse.
  • Write a bunch of poppy songs on ukulele.
  • Live one-off acoustic demos are my comfort zone. I resolve to produce at least 3-5 multitrack demos.
  • I am wide open to collaboration both online and face to face. Let’s make music together.
  • This year I will try to release a 5 song (or more) EP of my FAWM2016 songs on Bandcamp by the end of March.

As the month progresses, you can follow my progress on the FAWM site. I’m known as ductapeguy over there.


Here is a handy jukebox of my FAWM 2016 songs.

Update: March 15: I had a great FAWM this year and achieved all my FAWM goals except for polishing up some songs for a Bancamp release. Stay tuned…

One of my highlights was the 8 collaborations. I find that working with another songwriter teaches me soo much.
I’ve known my dear friend, mentor and tormentor, paul court for over 20 years. He is the chief instigator for our local songwriting collective that is now in its 14th year. About five years ago, upon hearing there was such a thing as February Album writing Month, he wrote an album called Still Dusty— a song for song response to Fred Eaglesmith’s album Dusty. The following year I joined FAWM and I’ve been here since.

This year I’m trying to focus on face to face, in the same room, collaborations whenever possible. Paul has been focusing more on visual arts than music the past couple of years, so I was thrilled when he consented to write with me. Every collaboration is different and on this one Paul was the conceiver and did most of the heavy lifting. I was a contributor. What a privilege to be invited into the “inner writing place” of another musician.

Update: Paul Recorded a demo of the song at our monthly meeting of the Barrie and District Association for Singer Songwriters (BADAS/S). Here it is.

Every year I make a word cloud of all my FAWM lyrics. This year I tried a new wordcloud . It turned out fabulous.


All My 2016 FAWM Lyrics and Comments are below

Sean McGaughey / FAWM 2016 Archive
1. A Shot Rings Out
2016-02-01 @ 12:08pm
tags: folk guy-with-ukulele acoustic-one-take songskirmish skirmish1
Here’s my contribution for the Starter’s Gate Skirmish.
A Shot Rings Out
© Sean McGaughey Feb 1, 2016.
FAWM#1 Skirmish #1

Another Day
Another Town
Another Race
Another Rodeo Lined up at the gate
Waiting to begin
Waiting to arrive
Waiting for for my ship to come in

A shot rings out
Someone shouts
D7 G G7
Thunder in my ears
F C- Am
Nobody knows what’s lies ahead
F G C+
But the race has brought us here

Another Plan
Another Scheme
Another Hope
Another Dream- Hare Brained and Magical
Perfect in my mind
Perfectly sublime
Perfect till I try to realize it

A shot rings out
Someone shouts
Thunder in my ears
Nobody knows what’s lies ahead
But the race has brought us here
It’s so easy to lose sight of the goal
With each mounting aggravation
F C – Am
It’s not about who wins first place.
To race is our destination.
natrin – 2016-02-01 @ 12:13pm
Catchy tune. Love the “race is our destination” line. Great start to FAWM 🙂
gbg2016 – 2016-02-01 @ 12:13pm
Wow! I’m so impressed that you were able to pull that together in an hour. I barely got about half a song’s worth of lyrics with no hope of recording…well, one reason I’m here is to try to go more with the flow and not write and rewrite every line. So, thanks for the skirmish! And nice job with the song.
mike skliar – 2016-02-01 @ 12:33pm
great fun, life affirming and positive- nicely done! I’m glad you got something upbeat and positive out of that skirmish- mine is way way dark… (maybe i should have used a uke, it’s hard to be sad with a uke!)
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-01 @ 01:30pm
Enjoyed this> I admit I cheated with a limited text, you’ve developed the lyric out to a full song, kudos! Cutie sounding uke backing too! This is a very comforting and inclusive lyric too. (PS…only four of us did this skirmish? Sigh. Thanks for running it though!)
janeg – 2016-02-01 @ 03:28pm
Perfect starter song for FAWM. And for life. Well done!
T.C. Elliott – 2016-02-01 @ 03:45pm
Oh, I like your take on the title and the lyric works well. I didn’t think of a race or using it as a metaphor… nicely done. Another fine skirmish.
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-01 @ 03:50pm
Sean, I LOVE this!!! First of all, it’s another cool twist to the “shot rings out” skirmish. Next, I liked how in the first few lines your voice sounds a bit different than the way I’m used to hearing it. I’m not sure how, exactly, it’s different. More chipper? Dunno, but I thought it was cool. This is just such a delightful and catchy song with a tad bit of bittersweetness in the third verse. Towards the end it also occurred to me that this could be a nice metaphor for FAWM (and of course life) itself: “it’s not about who wins first place. To race is our destination.”
wistah – 2016-02-01 @ 04:13pm
Way to start us off! The FAWM ukulele club reigns supreme. The lyric “each mounting aggravation” really spoke to me.
pwl1 – 2016-02-01 @ 05:06pm
Cool! Can’t wait to hear this, and maybe add some harmonies. 😉
Stephen Wordsmith – 2016-02-01 @ 09:32pm
I had to read through this a second time to get the feel of it; for me, this is the sign of a good lyric – intriguing but not obvious. There’s a sense of energy present throughout and the lines do well to illustrate the way both individuals and people in general grapple with how to control or channel it. Refreshingly non-violent incorporation of the title, too.
arthurrossi – 2016-02-01 @ 10:54pm
Hey! Great to see (and to hear) you here again! The ukulele fits the feel of the song perfectly… Very nicely written lyrics and awesomely put to music!
yarimurray – 2016-02-02 @ 06:09am
Love the ukulele! Great first FAWM song. Looking forward to hearing more.
kim beggs – 2016-02-02 @ 08:10am
nice tune Sean! Nice you put the chords there.
owl – 2016-02-02 @ 05:55pm
Hooray for ukulele!! Well done on this skirmish–pleasing tune and I really like the imagery in that last verse, it does a good job of capturing that feeling of adrenaline and excitement.
Christace – 2016-02-02 @ 09:23pm
A peppy little tune. Great work. I totally agree with the theme “The race is our destination”.
bethdesombre – 2016-02-02 @ 09:45pm
I like all the “another”s. (especially balanced with the perfects in the chorus/bridge section — the message you build with those is great.)
johnstaples – 2016-02-03 @ 08:19am
Really nice take on the skirmish title! And I really love that ukulele! I love the melody and how it changes for “thunder in my ears”! Great work on this one!
Gary Knowland – 2016-02-03 @ 01:19pm
Wow!! Really sweet uke playing. You have so much talent for composition…and you pull me right in with those 7ths!! ( I love em too!!) Great write, great job on the performance!! Total enjoy!!
Phil Mills – 2016-02-03 @ 10:52pm
An interesting choice of shot to write about. Sounds good.
pamgrisham – 2016-02-08 @ 04:35am
Upbeat! I like the line “To race is our destination.”
joefahey – 2016-02-08 @ 02:33pm
Nice song, lyrics and the ukulele is perfect on it!
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 02:28pm
ja, xactly! perfect first fawm song. guess we all here have this pumpin in our veins…?

2. I’m Open
2016-02-03 @ 01:34am
tags: folk fingerstyle opentuning instrumental
I wanted to write something tonight but nothing was coming so I tuned to open D. I know almost nothing about open D but I started noodling on open sounds, Eshapes, A Shapes and Full Barres to make the G, A, and B chords up the neck. I can hear melodies and possible lyrics all over the place but they weren’t coming. I recorded through my trusty zoom H4 with the built in effect 37 Chorus Vocal. I think this is my first ever so-called instrumental.
inciteful – 2016-02-03 @ 01:52am
Very pretty! Has a real dreamy feel. Love when that one chord washes over you.
mike skliar – 2016-02-03 @ 03:36am
nice- you get a nice tone out of it and i like the content- you should explore more in open tunings, alternate tunings, etc it can be fun! nice job!
airbagtester – 2016-02-03 @ 04:22am
This reminds me of the first time I learned about open tunings from wanting to play like Chris Whitley. It opens up so many new ways to approach chords, scales, and unanticipated transitions. I never really learned how I’m “supposed” to play in open tuning (not that there is a “supposed to” really) and I try similar things like playing standard-tuned chord shapes to see what happens. I like this piece; it is very calm and soothing.
Chip Withrow – 2016-02-03 @ 07:18am
Pretty, and soothing. I like the full, warm sound. A melody that included the title words formed in my head. Nice!
Gary Knowland – 2016-02-03 @ 01:23pm
I agree with Mike…love the tone and the unusual but very melodic direction this song takes…indeed playing with different tunings opens new doors… Loved Chip’s comment about the melody intertwining with the title… Great Job!! Oh… BTW, did you know…well I’m sure you already do since you’re the ductapeguy….but in a pinch duct tape makes a passable capo!!! LOL!!!
BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-04 @ 01:43am
Lovely new age sound. Needs some crickets and a little brook in the background. Lovely.
Clio Em – 2016-02-06 @ 01:35pm
Re-tuning often provokes new compositional thought. I love where this is going. Very lovely harmonies.
ZenCuppa – 2016-02-07 @ 03:17pm
Really pretty and soothing. Brings to mind the wide open green fields, rippling brooks and dappling butterflies when I hike at the Cincinnati Nature Center.
billlovinmusic55 – 2016-02-07 @ 10:30pm
Pretty tone on that guitar. Yes that’s a good bed for some lyrics. Good work!
pamgrisham – 2016-02-08 @ 04:36am
Pretty and otherworldly.
Geoff Cox – 2016-02-12 @ 02:10pm
Very nice mood you’ve created – sort of meditative. This could work as a background track for film or TV or even a slide show. I enjoy messing around with alternate tunings too. There are so many of them. Keep on composing fearlessly!
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 02:32pm
as i know nothing about git talk, i still have ears that feed me brain, and hands to press play or stop…. this goes for replay!

3. Superheroes
2016-02-03 @ 03:14am
tags: folk fuc humor superhero acoustic-one-take
I was about to turn in for the night when I realized I had an idea for a uke song on this World Day of ukulele. Tongue is glued to my cheek on this one.
(c) Sean McGaughey Feb 2 2016

In the comic books whenever somebody is in trouble,
They light a secret signal and help comes on the double,
When an evil mastermind has plans to steal all the dineros
They’re always thwarted in the nick of time by a superhero

Some have superstrength, Others can fly
D7 G G7
Some change into animals, some can read your mind
But I have a burning question, the answer I can’t find
Why do Superheroes wear their underwear on the Outside?

Superman has a cape, Flash is Really Fast
Spiderman can spin a web, Hulk’s Rags barely cover his torso.
Iron Man has the best toys, Batman has a mask
And in team costume parties Aquaman is always picked last

Am Em
The female superheroes have it worse than the guys
Stuffed into a costume that is far too small a size
I have another question, something I think is dumb
Why do superlady’s costumes always show their boobs and bum?

Feb 5: Update: I know, I know– February is for writing, March is for revising, but the lyrics have been nagging me so I tuned them up a bit.

(c) Sean McGaughey Feb 2 2016

In the comic books whenever somebody is in trouble,
They light a secret signal and help comes on the double,
When an evil mastermind has plans to steal all the dineros
Don’t they know they’ll be thwarted by a superhero?

Some have superstrength, Others can fly
D7 G G7
Some change into animals, some can read your mind
But I have a burning question, I’ve searched far and wide.
Why do Superheroes wear their gonchies on the Outside?

Superman has a cape, Flash is really fast
Spidey wears pajamas, Hulk’s rags barely cover his– torso.
Iron Man has the best toys, Batman has a mask
At costume parties why is Aquaman always picked last?

Am Em
The female superheroes have it worse than the guys
Stuffed into a costume that is far too small a size
Another thing I’ve often wondered, I think it’s really dumb
Why do superlady’s costumes always show their boobs and bum?
Lori Citro – 2016-02-03 @ 03:22am
Good questions! Cute song and kudos to you for remembering National Uke Day…and reminding me. But alas I’m going to bed rather than write a uke song. Maybe tomorrow. Zzzzz…
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-03 @ 03:29am
So much fun, Sean. You should definitely include this into your live show repertoire as I really think kids will love it. I’m so glad you decided to join in the fun at the #superhero song challenge!
bamtone – 2016-02-03 @ 03:46am
You got some good points here @ductapeguy !! Totally enjoyed this!
aaronbirdsall – 2016-02-03 @ 05:39am
So fun!
peterfedora – 2016-02-03 @ 09:12am
Totally brilliant… laughed out loud at “torso”…. haha
Lori Citro – 2016-02-03 @ 06:58pm
drats! Because you reminded me it was uke day I couldn’t sleep until I wrote a FUC song. Up til 11:45pm. It’s not recorded but hopefully by tomorrow.
janeg – 2016-02-05 @ 01:54am
I’ve wondered about that too. Fun song!
I Will Eat You – 2016-02-14 @ 06:05pm
If Sheldon from Big Bang Theory picked up a Ukulele, this is more than likely what he would sing. I’m sure this would steal the show at an open mic night but you have to sing it faster. 🙂
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 03:01pm
haha great guess we all are in that age where we start to ask questions about our heros… great fun
Dragondreams – 2016-02-19 @ 09:49pm
Fun and entertaining. And asks the questions I’ve been asking myself for years! Love it!
Amanda West – 2016-02-19 @ 09:56pm
Fun song 🙂 You have a vivid imagination !
Mark Dabney (jonniegrunge) – 2016-02-27 @ 02:45am
This is such a fun track. I think the playful lyrics pair well with the bouncy uke, and the performance is just kind of charming. It’s really nicely done, and fun for a comic fan like me.

4. Too Often Broken
2016-02-04 @ 01:16am
tags: icecream country-folk ballad acoustic guy-with-guitar
I was playing with my old standby, C Am F G, for the ice cream challenge. This sad, lonely song fell out. I jumped onto the chat to see if someone could give me a solo, then I spied the harmonica that I don’t know how to play and played one myself.
Too Often Broken
Sean McGaughey (c) February 3, 2016 FAWM #4
Very Slow Country fingerpicked, haunting.

C- Am – F – G

She tiptoes through the world, with nobody to care for
Neither hurting or hurt, can’t get too close therefore
She floats through the years, a ghost in the town
Let nobody in, then they can’t let you down

Dm – G
A heart too often broken and repaired
C C/B Am
Leaves a person unable to be cared for
Dm – G
A heart too often broken and repaired

Try whate’r you will, she’ll always run away
the kind that takes to leave, when it’s best for her to stay
While everything keeps changing, the road stays the same
Another Start all over, another town, another game (name?)

A heart too often broken and repaired
Leaves a person unable to be cared for
A heart too often broken and repaired


Repeat Chorus
jyllian – 2016-02-04 @ 01:19am
I love the lyric, and feel of this song. Thanks for sharing.
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-04 @ 01:27am
So sad but lovely. Really makes me feel for this woman, this character, who has been hurt so much that she has lost the courage to feel. This is a side of your songwriting I haven’t seen/heard before, Sean, but I like it.
The ghost of – 2016-02-04 @ 01:31am
Good variation on the ice cream theme Sean. It works really well with the fingerpicking to convey the sadness in the story. Loved listening to this.
BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-04 @ 01:34am
Sad but honest. Very nice.
T.C. Elliott – 2016-02-04 @ 01:45am
I really like the title line and the three line chorus. And I agree with the others, it’s a lovely song, a lovely vocal and delivery.
Kathryn Hoss – 2016-02-04 @ 02:07am
“A heart too often broken and repaired / Leaves a person unable to be cared for.” What great lines.
sheamiejay – 2016-02-04 @ 02:28am
Thanks for the kind words about my tune. Great word choices for your latest offering.
peterfedora – 2016-02-04 @ 02:39am
Another great one Sean, lots of great lyrical beauties in there.
shevaughnandyuma – 2016-02-04 @ 06:12am
Really pretty melody. classic. I can totally hear almost a soft doo wop background vocal in harmony. “Too often broken and repaired” lovely.
Jeff DeSantis – 2016-02-04 @ 03:51pm
Lovely lyrics and melody. Definitely a keeper.
Clio Em – 2016-02-04 @ 06:18pm
Sean, gorgeous words and accompaniment. I’d love to hear this with studio production.
arthurrossi – 2016-02-06 @ 04:30pm
I am afraid there are many people and destinies that are similar to this one you are describing in these beautifully written lyrics. I particularly like the first verse… Very heartfelt and sad, but beautiful…
pamgrisham – 2016-02-07 @ 07:41pm
Wow. I really love the first verse and the remainder of the song is great, too. Pretty music.
kim beggs – 2016-02-08 @ 08:39am
very nice Sean. I think “name”.
Spiderhound – 2016-02-09 @ 11:38pm
The lyrics are great and I think the distant recording underscores the feeling of isolation.
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-13 @ 09:51am
This is a sad and raw song. It’s a truth I see a lot, in small country towns…Someone mentioned “desolation”? I’d agree, there are some things that can’t be mended or helped. [Kudos for the harmonica. I’m playing a bass I don’t know how to play, too. Actually I came in for the ice-cream]
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 03:06pm
anywhere. unfortunately.
mattblick – 2016-02-26 @ 10:20pm
that chorus is soooooooo sad! And you voice on “Let nobody in, then they can’t let you down” sounds great – love the other worldly harmonica too.
Jaegerin – 2016-03-01 @ 01:14pm
So sad, Sean. It comes across beautifully – you captured it well. Now where are those tissues…?
Rick Amorphis – 2016-03-05 @ 10:51am
Those ice cream chords lend themselves well to sad songs. Very poignant, especially the chorus, where you change up the chords nicely.

5. You give my rainbows their colors back again
2016-02-04 @ 09:26pm
tags: folk collab guy-with-guitar
I always love working with Arthur’s words. SM.
You give my rainbows their colors back again

When my skies are sad and cloudy,
when my day has lost all light…
when I lost hope and keep doubtin’
on what is wrong and what is right…

When I am afraid of asking,
afraid of the answers, too,
afraid of what the reality could be de-masking,
then there is you… then there is you…

Then you look at me, then you smile at me,
kiss me, give me your hand…
you hug me tight, my day gets bright,
you give my rainbows their colors back again…

When my summer is just rainy
and my winters without snow…
when I feel my courage’s wanin’,
when I don’t know what I know…

When life does not feel like living,
when truth does not sound like truth,
and when I stop to care about taking, about giving,
then there is you… then there is you…

Then you look at me, then you smile at me,
kiss me, give me your hand…
you hug me tight, my day gets bright,
you give my rainbows their colors back again…
You give my rainbows their colors back again
(c) Lyrics Arthur Rossi, Music: (c) Sean McGaughey

Easy 4/4 travis picking

C C/B Am Am/G (repeat for 4 stanzas)
When my skies are sad and cloudy,
when my day has lost all light…
when I lose hope and turn to doubtin’
what is wrong and what is right…

When I’m afraid of asking,
Dm Dm/C
afraid of answers, too,
afraid of what reality
Dm Dm/C
could be unmasking,
G G G C C/B Am Am/G
there is you… then there is you…

Then you look at me, you smile at me,
C C/B Am
kiss me, take my hand…
you hug me tight, my day gets bright,
F G G C C/B Am Am/G
you give rainbows their colors back again…

C C/B Am Am/G (repeat for 4 stanzas)
Lori Citro – 2016-02-04 @ 11:53pm
Such a great feeling to have someone make you feel great instead of make you feel bad all the time. Nice lyrics!
tamsnumber4 – 2016-02-05 @ 02:32am
Nice, feel-good write, very warm and sweet, nice write!
andygetch – 2016-02-05 @ 03:02pm
Lovely love song ahhhh 😌
Vom Vorton – 2016-02-10 @ 03:02pm
Very sweet lyric, reads like it should have a country vibe to me. Great title.
GeorgieDAN – 2016-02-11 @ 11:51pm
It’s definitely a country song. 🙂 I can hear Dolly Parton singing this one haha… Georgie x PS I love the line ‘you give my rainbows their colours back again’
Sean McGaughey – 2016-02-12 @ 12:43am
Hi Arthur: I always enjoy setting your lyrics to music. Here’s what I came up with for this one. You give my rainbows their colors back again (c) Lyrics Arthur Rossi, Music: (c) Sean McGaughey Easy 4/4 travis picking C C/B Am Am/G (repeat for 4 stanzas) When my skies are sad and cloudy, when my day has lost all light… when I lose hope and turn to doubtin’ what is wrong and what is right… F F/E When I’m afraid of asking, Dm Dm/C afraid of answers, too, F F/E afraid of what reality Dm Dm/C could be unmasking, G G G C C/B Am Am/G there is you… then there is you… (Chorus) F F Then you look at me, you smile at me, C C/B Am kiss me, take my hand… F F you hug me tight, my day gets bright, F G G C C/B Am Am/G you give rainbows their colors back again… C C/B Am Am/G (repeat for 4 stanzas) W
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 03:13pm
i like how you work with lots of folks. and i like the git vox only take on this one. arthur, nice lyrics. you seem to be in a love mood throughout.
deena – 2016-02-19 @ 11:53pm
Pretty! I can imagine lots of harmony on this. This is so sweet.
Jaegerin – 2016-03-01 @ 01:19pm
Lovely story, Arthur – the rainbow idea is very evocative. And I enjoyed my listen – nice pretty, unassuming tune that keeps things moving along.

6. Reach for the Rafters
2016-02-06 @ 03:51pm
tags: folk hockey acoustic-one-take acoustic-rock guy-with-guitar
Last FAWM I was inspired by Roy MacGregor’s children’s book, The Highest Number in the world and tried to write a song based on it. Despite several tries throughout February, all I got was number9number9number9 , its the highest number in the world, and reach for the rafters.

Every winter our town closed down main street for a massive road hockey game. I went down with my uke and sang Stompin’ Tom’s Good Old Hockey game from the sidelines. Then I decided to revisit this song.
Reach for the Rafters
Sean McGaughey (c) Feb 5, 2016
Inspired by the children’s picture book, The Highest Number in the world by Roy MacGregor

E Blues Frame E – A – E – B (vocally channel my inner Geddy Lee)

Gabby played hockey on a boys team
Running circles around the boys too
Like every girl who’s ever laced skates
She wants to be like Hayley
Rockin’ Number 22

When Gabby moved to a new town,
a new team, a new line
the only Jersey coach had left
was emblazoned with number 9

Gabby thought of quitting
She didn’t know what to do
Every game Gabby ever played
She wore number 22

Grandma knew just what Gabby was feeling
She’d been there and it came out fine,
She told Gabby to look up to the rafters
Cause all the greatest players wore number 9

It’s the highest number on the rink,
It’s the goal all players are after
From tiny kids out on the pond,
to the men on the bus in the dead of winter.
Lacing up each morning, throughout the years
Is the forge for a person’s nature
Players don’t shoot for a pot of gold,
They reach for the rafters.

Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Rocket Richard
Johnny Bucyck, Lanny McDonald
Teeder Jebbedt, Andy Bathgate
All wore number nine

When they unlaced their skates the last time.
Their jerseys were hoisted high
You won’t to see number 9 on a hockey team,
You’ve got to look to the sky


Bridge — soft slow build (E A D A)

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number 9 X2
Oooh, Oooh, Reach for the rafters

BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-06 @ 04:08pm
I like it! Good kids song!
Phil Mills – 2016-02-06 @ 06:35pm
I like that very much…and I’m not even a hockey fan.
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-07 @ 10:48pm
The whole ice hockey thing is clearly a major cultural push for the top-end icy nations; one only has to watch the Canada US and US Russia wars at the Winter Olympics to see that. So while not enmeshed in it, I can appreciate the drive and the hopes of kids. Good sounding song, gets across the desire and fierce desperate concentration kids seriously can have.
Music Monk – 2016-02-10 @ 02:01pm
This song is awesome!
ZeCoop – 2016-02-12 @ 03:25pm
Truth…. The 9s are the best. Super fun song and tells such a great story. Fun performance all through, and an absolutely hook filled melody. Great song! 🙂
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 03:29pm
ok i’m in europe, so i don’t know if the czech reach for the rafters or for the goalie teeth… am sure the people in the streets cheered for you.
mattblick – 2016-03-06 @ 04:09pm
Cool. Robbie Fowler, Fernando Torres, Ian Rush all number 9s. Don’t understand any of the hockey references though! Sorry. Iike reach for the rafters as it goes down – feels a bit Springsteen esq

7. Wishing for What You Have Not
2016-02-06 @ 09:19pm
tags: skirmish
I wrote this while at an open stage on my phone. I unsuccessfully tried a quick recording on my phone. I’ll record a demo when I get home.

Update– demo recorded
Wishing for What They Have Not
(c) Sean McGaughey Feb 6, FAWM 6 skirmish
Waltz medium tempo
Verses Vamp between C and F — End Verse on G

It’s easy to look at a neighbour
& long for what they’ve got
but you can’t see what they’re like inside,
whether they’re happy or not

They say the grass is greener
on the other side.
But you can never be sure of what
beneath the green grass lies.

Some people spend all of their days
Wishing for what they have not
Here’s a gentle reminder to myself
Be thankful for what I’ve got
Be thankful for what I’ve got

5 bucks buys a ticket for dreaming
to have a few million, planning, and scheming
But the secret to living is want what you have,
Share it with others, take time to laugh

Some people spend all of their days
Wishing for what they have not
Here’s a gentle reminder to myself
Be thankful for what I’ve got
Be thankful for what I’ve got
samsorrow – 2016-02-06 @ 09:23pm
nice inspirational and thoughtful lyrics. would like to hear the demo when you post it.
sherrycanary@Sherry Somach – 2016-02-06 @ 09:39pm
Good outlook and take on wishing for I’m with you Nice skirmish
scubed – 2016-02-06 @ 10:17pm
Very nicely written and a great sentiment! Look forward to hearing your recording.
Kevin Emmrich – 2016-02-07 @ 12:07am
Glad you got a chance to come back to do the demo, pretty good little tune, makes a lot of sense. “beneath the green grass lie” — ha, ha that sounds sort of like a horror movie theme of some sort. Nice irish folk type of tune, good job on the skirmish.
Andrew Trotter – 2016-02-07 @ 01:00am
You also never know if your fancy neighbor is up to his eyeballs in debt! Nice song, lots of fun. Extra points for doing a waltz!
Wobbie Wobbit – 2016-02-07 @ 10:35am
the simple folky style of the melody/changes really suits the lyrics. nice skirmish and nice sentiment
francessmith – 2016-02-07 @ 11:09am
Interesting angle on the theme, works very well. Catchy chorus. I might end up singing that all day.
Ken Ficara – 2016-02-07 @ 05:10pm
Sounds like a wonderful singalong. Did you perform it at the open mic?
judypie – 2016-02-07 @ 05:11pm
Sweet song! 🙂 I really like your lyrics here and wholeheartedly agree with them even if it’s challenging sometimes!
janeg – 2016-02-07 @ 11:27pm
We’ll be singing along with this one!
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 04:13pm
take time to laugh xactly my say…

8. Undertow
2016-02-06 @ 10:09pm
tags: folk collab
I’ve known my dear friend, mentor and tormentor, paul court for over 20 years. He is the chief instigator for our local songwriting collective that is now in its 14th year. About five years ago, upon hearing there was such a thing as February Album writing Month, he wrote an album called Still Dusty— a song for song response to Fred Eaglesmith’s album Dusty. The following year I joined FAWM and I’ve been here since.

This year I’m trying to focus on face to face, in the same room, collaborations whenever possible. Paul has been focusing more on visual arts than music the past couple of years, so I was thrilled when he consented to write with me. Every collaboration is different and on this one Paul was the conceiver and did most of the heavy lifting. I was a contributor. What a privilege to be invited into the “inner writing place” of another musician.

The music is brilliant, but no demo here for now.
UNDERTOW (c)paul court/Sean McGaughey
Feb 4, 2016

capo III, Bb

intro: one line

G Em C G
i got 99 problems, to make a hill of beans
G Em C D
i’ve read the book, and i’ve made the scene
Em G C D/f#
a picture on a wall brings a man to his knees

you sleep for days and pace all night
dreams are ok if you wake to the light
they see you home, but you are out of sight

instr. one line

you got a blond girl on the sand
hell you got her everywhere, hell she understands
sometimes you know you are a lucky man

you question the dark,…
stretch the canvas, make your mark
is red your blood, or the boundless heart?

C D/f# G Em
nothing can scare you, and it has, so far
C D/f# G
the trouble is that troubles *are

instr. verse (*begin on “are”)

the ocean calls, but is it deep or shallow you go?
swim ‘til you’re beat, go back or below
you always feel that undertow
johnstaples – 2016-02-06 @ 10:20pm
Erg…I hit send too quickly on my phone…more to say! I love that title/hook and also love how you restrained yourself from using it until the end! Lots of really great, though-provoking lines but I LOVE this one so much, “nothing can scare you, and it has, so far”!!! I wrote a poem one time that used the word nothing like this. Very effective. I would love to hear the music for this one so hit me up if you post it! Great work here!
johnstaples – 2016-02-06 @ 10:23pm
Erg…I hit send too quickly on my phone…more to say! I love that title/hook and also love how you restrained yourself from using it until the end! Lots of really great, though-provoking lines but I LOVE this one so much, “nothing can scare you, and it has, so far”!!! I wrote a poem one time that used the word nothing like this. Very effective. I would love to hear the music for this one so hit me up if you post it! Great work here!
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 04:23pm
yes me too, please let me know when the demo is up. good read.
mattblick – 2016-03-07 @ 09:41pm
Very nice and great to see you in person! I’ve been running a songwriting group for 31/2 years and it’s a real blessing. Love the line the trouble is that troubles are.
beat – 2016-03-09 @ 12:39am
… ja, me to, beautiful line… the trouble with troubles… thx for the note, been very nice listening and watching. cheers from vienna beat

9. Who Gave Grandpa a Ukulele
2016-02-06 @ 11:48pm
tags: folk fuc ukulele guy-with-ukulele children
I like to write sometimes in the atrium of Midland Cultural Centre. This morning I ran into a co-worker and her daughter who were having a bit of lunch then going the senior’s centre talent show to see her grandparents play in the 50 uke band in the senior’s talent show. Thus was born the idea for this song.
Who Gave Grandpa a Ukelele?
(c) Sean McGaughey February 6, 2016 FAWM #8

Grandpa used to spend every afternoon with me,
He loved playing dress-up or climbing in the trees
But lately I don’t see him, he’s been locked up in his room
strumming on his uke, learning another tune.

Other Grandpa’s go fishing or play cribbage daily
But mine is home practicing for the St Paddy’s ceilidh,
He used to spend all his time with me, he greeted me gaily
Just who gave Grandpa that darn ukulele.

Grandpa never has wants to come and play.
D7 D7 G G7
He’s strumming on the four string, every night and every day
I used to love to play with him, we visited daily
Till someone gave grandpa that darned ukulele

I asked Grandma to talk to him, to tell him that I miss him
If he would just put down his uke, I’d run right up and kiss him
But he gave her a uke and taught her a tune.
Now neither of them notice when I walk into the room.

Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-06 @ 11:51pm
Delightful! Wonderfully melodic and, of course, very cute with the whole grandpa thing.
wunwhirled – 2016-02-07 @ 12:35am
kahlo2013 – 2016-02-07 @ 01:51am
Wonderfully delightful and fun! Such a clever idea. I love how grandma gets involved!
Phil Mills – 2016-02-07 @ 03:16pm
We old folk take our instruments seriously! 🙂 Cute story, though, and a well-matched tune.
wistah – 2016-02-07 @ 03:21pm
This is great! I love the way you rhymed daily, gaily, and ceilidh with ukulele. One of my all time favorite local acts is group called the “Wandering Strangers”. They are mid-seventies husband and wife. They both play small soprano ukuleles. When the get up to the microphone everybody is like, awe, how cute. But then they start playing and singing….They write the dirtiest, raunchiest, randiest, make you blush kind of songs. And perform them totally deadpan, as if your sweet old grandpa and grandma were singing you sweet lullabies about sheep fornication, etc. etc.
Chip Withrow – 2016-02-07 @ 06:57pm
Wonderful rhymes! I love the humor in your vocal and in the brightness of your strumming. Good for Grandpa for beginning a new hobby – keeps the mind young.
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-07 @ 10:45pm
Story of my life. Almost. (Grandma won’t touch the dam’ thing!) . A cutie! Reminds me I need to pay a leetle more attention to life outside my circle of instruments!
janeg – 2016-02-07 @ 11:58pm
I have a huge grin from listening to this. Perfect uke song.
Music Monk – 2016-02-10 @ 02:04pm
This and Reach for the Rafters are wonderfully folky songs that remind me of stomping Tom, except these use a uke. I love the uke though. Great stuff!
Vom Vorton – 2016-02-11 @ 10:04am
This is very funny, especially that third verse! Great rhymes, too – using ‘ceilidh’ is inspired!
AXL – 2016-02-11 @ 07:23pm
Easily the best children’s song I’ve heard in a long time. Such a fun lyric! Outstanding!
AXL – 2016-02-11 @ 07:31pm
Had to come back to add that being a good children’s song makes it a great song for adults as well.
cynthiawolff – 2016-02-14 @ 03:25am
So sweet..would work greAt playing at a senior center
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 04:29pm
oh golly, tuff luck kido… *] funny/sad ukecore
owl – 2016-02-19 @ 01:05am
Aww too cute! Clever lyrics and catchy melody. Have you seen this news story?
Walter Mosch – 2016-03-04 @ 06:59pm
I wanted to hear this because of the title. Great Lyrics. Very funny:) And a catchy tune…

10. Reptile Education
2016-02-07 @ 02:12am
tags: silly country filk
I have alerts on job boards for Interim Executive jobs in Canadian nonprofits. One of today’s job alerts suggested Reptile Educator and Keeper. I had to write this to get it out of my head.

Thanks to Sean McGaughey on Feb 14th, it now has a tune and a demo!
When you’re educating reptiles
It’s essential to explore
The ambitions and career paths
Of each creature that you mentor

Chameleons want variety; you can teach them almost anything
Whatever job you find them, they’ll always fit right in

Iguanas are much harder; they are picky about their work
In an over-heated office, he’ll make a good file clerk


Terrapins have higher goals, aspiring well above their station
I recommend an MBA if they’ve leadership aspirations

Don’t typecast a crocodile or you will make them weep
Never teach them wrestling; they’re happiest herding sheep

Once a leopard frog signed up for the mathematics course
Amphibians aren’t reptiles! (pause) I ejected him with force

I’ve been a reptile educator almost twenty years I guess
I’ve built their skills and confidence, but now I must confess
When I write the rubrics, for how I’ll grade each quiz and test
With every course design, there’s one skill they just must possess
Each reptile learns to sing and play their instrument of choice
For what’s the good of learning without a singing voice?


There’s a skink in the mechanical engineering class with a reptile dysfunction. His tail won’t grow back.

Anyone know what to teach the snakes on Medusa’s head? The last professor just gives me a stony stare when I ask.
Eric Distad – 2016-02-07 @ 04:07am
Reptile education? Awesome! The lyrics are very clever and quite funny. A lot of great lines! The Medusa’s head punchline at the end is my favorite, I think! I like this one a lot!
Sean McGaughey – 2016-02-07 @ 01:47pm
That is a ton of fun out of a job title. Each verse is good bit the Medusa joke capped it.
ekunyi – 2016-02-07 @ 02:09pm
This is *hilarious.* As someone currently in a graduate level counseling program (I’m clinical mental health admittedly, but have several friends on the career counseling track) this just made me laugh and laugh.
AquaMunkee – 2016-02-07 @ 10:49pm
LOL… “A reptile dysfunction” can happen to the best of us I suppose! Love love LOVE these lyrics…. Great work!
wyatt – 2016-02-07 @ 11:20pm
A clever write.Quite easy to envision types of people corresponding to each animal. There must be some other songs or lyrics lurking in there somewhere Well done
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-08 @ 02:20am
Written like a true reptile expert! This reads like a children’s fantasy story. Nicely done.
Morgan Hyde – 2016-02-08 @ 03:04am
What a fantastic song – wacky idea, perfectly presented
Karan – 2016-02-08 @ 08:47pm
*WHAHAHAHAHA* This is wonderful! I have a big grin on my face now!
devin – 2016-02-09 @ 04:36am
Nicely done. I should start working on our Gecko’s C.V. I bet he prefers night school. If you record this, please sign Kari’s copy. She’d like that!
metalfoot – 2016-02-14 @ 09:39pm
*applause* YES. Collabs for the EPIC WIN.
Sean McGaughey – 2016-02-14 @ 11:37pm
yam655 – 2016-02-15 @ 02:05am
This is darling!
sherrycanary@Sherry Somach – 2016-02-15 @ 02:41pm
What clever and adorable lyrics. I immediately thought of reptile dysfunction..and you finally got to it. The music really brought it to life with droll vocals
Billy Sea – 2016-02-15 @ 10:33pm
Strange minds think alike I suppose I misread the title as Reptile Dysfunction so before listening/reading had to stop and type up some lyrics with that title. Then I came back and hit play and see you have a line about Reptile Dysfunction in your song as well. LOL. Won’t post mine unless I need it for my 14 or until/unless I have some music and a demo recorded Fun lyrics throughout. The stony stare at the end really made me smile. Perfect music/delivery from Mr. DT Guy make this quite the fun and enjoyable song. Really great collab LOL, I see Shery also went there with her comments 😀
headfirstonly – 2016-02-16 @ 03:21pm
Huge fun and extremely silly. FAWM collabs really do bring out the best in people. And the worst puns!
beat – 2016-02-16 @ 04:33pm
haha, great one mrs. dompteuse! very nice interpretation sean.
abudabard – 2016-02-18 @ 05:57pm
This fixed my otherwise rotten day. Thank you for that! 🙂
debs – 2016-02-22 @ 10:48pm
HAH!!! I love this, you two. You had me from the very first line, it’s so clever all around! And I like that Jane sings too – yay! That was a nice surprise 🙂 This is a great collab!
mattblick – 2016-03-04 @ 09:45pm
Making crocodile’s weep…Never teach them wrestling; they’re happiest herding sheep – really clever and the ukulele really suit this “a reptile dysfunction” LOL

11. The Last Last Time
2016-02-08 @ 01:50am
tags: country acoustic-one-take guy-with-guitar
I was listening to @lhcisco’s So Nice to See you Again and the word ‘again’ struck me. I have heard other songs that use the same device as I did here but this is my take on it.
The Last Last Time

Sean McGaughey (C) February 7, 2016

I’m sorry, I guess I say I’m sorry, more often than I should
but when I think I’ve said the right thing, It’s misunderstood
I suppose that I tend to leap before I think,
G C C7
Surprised to land once again deep in the drink

So I’m telling you sincerely,
I mean every word my friend
This is the last last time I’ll ever, ever
Let you down again, …again

When I replied, “Yes I think your butt looks big in that,”
I never imagined that you would think I think you’re fat
And when I stayed out too late again and I forgot to call
Why didn’t you answer when I was locked out in the hall

So I’m telling you sincerely,
I mean every word my friend
This is the last last time I’ll ever, ever
Let you down again, …again

Seems I always get it wrong,
though I’ve tried a million tries
D7 G G7
The only thing I’ve perfected is how to apologize
The ghost of – 2016-02-08 @ 02:35am
The hole is never deep enough to hide in so we will always keep digging 😀 NIce fun take on a very serious problem facing every man on this planet. 😉
wistah – 2016-02-08 @ 03:28am
Ah yes. Foot in mouth disease. Been there, done that. Super relatable song.
kim beggs – 2016-02-08 @ 08:35am
A really nice a soulful pace and melody Sean. and of course a fun theme.
bamtone – 2016-02-08 @ 02:19pm
Great country vibe melody, I LOVE country music! Well done!
janeg – 2016-02-08 @ 10:14pm
Not at all based on personal experience, right? No, I can’t relate to that either. Yeah, right. This song is for everyone.
Jon Delaney – 2016-02-15 @ 02:00pm
Great title and use of the repetition concept. 🙂
pipewrench67 – 2016-02-16 @ 09:06am
Great clever song,nice job on this. reminds me of John Prine.

12. Birthday Party
2016-02-08 @ 02:09am
tags: children folk fuc guy-with-ukulele ukulele icecream
This was the second of 2 songs I wrote on a long car ride this afternoon. I was trying to keep my niece occupied so I told her about the week 1 food challenge and started singing: Soda pop, candybars, ice cream chocolate cake. Next thing you know, my niece, my sister and I are writing a song. I may try to record it with them tomorrow or later on.
Birthday Party
Sean, Sarah and Aurora McGaughey
(c)Feb 7. FAWM 10. Ice cream changes, food

uke C Am F G

Will you come to my birthday party?
We’ll have lots of games to play
Will you come to my birthday party
You can stay all day

We’ll have
soda pop candy bars
ice cream & chocolate cake
soda pop candy bars
ice cream & chocolate cake
and chips.

Billy Sam and Keisha are coming
Ravi, Mo and Suki too
There are invitations for everybody
and here’s a special one for you.


Watcha bringing for my birthday present?
I can’t wait to see what I get.
We’ll paint our faces like superheroes
I Think it’s gonna be my best day yet


what should I have next year,,, a bouncy castle?
kahlo2013 – 2016-02-08 @ 02:29am
Lovely lilt and happy go lucky feel to this birthday party song. Uke was a great choice. Adding a backdrop of happy sounding kids would be frosting on the cake!
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-08 @ 02:55am
GREAT children’s song. Another keeper for your live repertoire. I particularly appreciate how you made the names multicultural. 🙂
Billy Sea – 2016-02-08 @ 02:57am
This song makes me smile. I especially like the chorus ending (and chips) 😀 Great song.
Jessica Graae – 2016-02-08 @ 03:32am
So much fun! Makes me hungry. Nice to see you on FAWM again. I wonder how many of us wrote about ice cream?
Geoff Cox – 2016-02-08 @ 03:19pm
I could totally hear this on one of those CDs I used to play for my son in the car when he was an infant. Well done!
janeg – 2016-02-08 @ 10:23pm
You are exceptionally good at being a child.
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-13 @ 09:39am
This song utilises the innocence and good time feel of the progression very cleverly. I drool at the repeated is it in the chorus. A sweetie.

13. I Remember
2016-02-13 @ 01:35am
tags: alt-country alt-folk guy-with-guitar anti-valentine
I remember last year there was an anti-valentine challenge. Getting ready for the elementary school valentine’s party, this popped into my head this morning. I went with it. When it came time to record, rather than my usual live off the floor, I actually tracked guitar, bass and vocals. Here ’tis
I Remember
Sean McGaughey © Feb 12, 2016

I will never forget
What’s her name
All those times we went
To that cafe I can’t quite place

Oh how we laughed, or was it cried?
Shared all our truths,
or were they lies?
I can recall it all, like it was yesterday

My memories are hazy
Could be age or the wine,
But I remember when she was my Valentine

They say that recollection
Is the second thing to go.
But she left a mark on me,
D D7
that girl I used to know

Em D
You gain memories and friends along the way
Em D
Some you keep, some get lost, Some like diamonds,
D C Am D
can’t be bought at any cost
pwl1 – 2016-02-13 @ 02:47am
Nice! And some good harmonic possibilities in there. 🙂
writeandwrong – 2016-02-13 @ 03:11am
Aww, this is a great Valentine write that I’m sure many can relate to! Nice sense of humor mixed into a wonderful performance!
Jon Delaney – 2016-02-13 @ 11:20am
Particularly like the lyrics on the verses. Great opening lines. 🙂
BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-13 @ 01:01pm
Awwww!How honest. I enjoyed listening
Phil Mills – 2016-02-13 @ 06:57pm
The first verse really captured my attention. Well done! Chorus is nice too.
janeg – 2016-02-14 @ 02:17am
Certainly worth the extra effort in recording. Another keeper that many will relate to.
atitlan – 2016-02-14 @ 11:19am
Like those first two verses with the vague recollections. Nice gentle vibe and a good offering to the anti-valentine theme.
Kissing in Public – 2016-02-17 @ 12:40pm
Nice little ballad and concept. Those memories are selective, aren’t they? 🙂

14. Everybody Needs a Train Song
2016-02-13 @ 08:10pm
tags: folk collab guy-with-guitar
My friend Jacki and I wrote this down at the Midland Cultural Centre as part of our Saturday Songwriters group. It was alot of fun. I did a quick one take phone recording to make sure I remember it, then went downstairs and performed it at the open stage.
Everybody Needs a Train Song Jacki Nadon and Sean McGaughey (c) Feb 13, 2016
Everybody needs a train song
Echoing the journey we’re on
Everybody needs a sad song,
Cause tears make us strong

Everybody needs to laugh
Set our troubles in the past
Everybody needs to dance
Join me for the dance

You’ve had your share
of troubles on the way
D D7
How notices if you leave or stay?

Every step you take on the open road
C D D7
Is on step further, yet closer to home


Although you’ve run till half past dead
You can’t overtake the clouds in your head.
Dirt in your nails and salted jeans
Still holding on to half remembered dreams.

Take the open road,
Your own boss
You’ve got Is to dot
and borders to cross
Dirk Bag – 2016-02-13 @ 08:22pm
Love the simple lyrics on this and yes, everybody does need a train song. Good work.
Jacob Wallace – 2016-02-13 @ 11:36pm
I enjoyed this quite a bit! Simple yet so easy to relate and sing along. Great job.
pwl1 – 2016-02-14 @ 12:42am
Nicely done!
janeg – 2016-02-14 @ 11:52pm
And now you have an excellent train song!
cynthiawolff – 2016-02-16 @ 02:15pm
I like this a lot.. You’re right everyone needs a train song.. Impressed with how fast you did it
kim beggs – 2016-02-16 @ 10:22pm
nice one Sean:) Great sentiment. Does your friend sing harmony? It could be a nice addition.
mattblick – 2016-03-01 @ 05:15pm
Writing a song and then performing it live immediately is hardcore. Well done! “Although you’ve run till half past dead/You can’t overtake the clouds in your head”. is a stand out line Salted jeans? – from the sea? Shipwreck? the pushed chords keep it interesting

15. Ever So Cold
2016-02-15 @ 01:47am
tags: folk fuc finger pick openg guy-with-ukulele songskirmish
This is my entry into the Valentine’s Day Lyricloud skirmish. We were given this word cloud. again amai body cherries day dismiss girl give goodnight hands heart kiss knobbly la lonely marshall mattress orchids poison puffy reminisce sassafras serpents sun-drenched things torture
When I started monkeying with uke and words, the desolation of the sunrise over snow covered fields in the -33C this morning came to mind. I tuned my uke to open G GBDG It came out very short but I like it.
Ever So Cold
Sean McGaughey (c) Feb. 14 2016 FAWM 15

Uke tuned GBDG
G 0242 : 0—- : – – – – : 0242:
D – – – – : -320 : 2323 : – – – – :
B – – – – :2222 : 1111: – – – – :
G – – – – :2222 : 2222: – – – – :

A good night gives way to a cherry horizon
Puffy steam serpents slink towards the sky
A bright day dawns on snowy plains
Sun drenched sky is a lie

White skies and snow meet with a kiss
While mind leaves body, I start to reminisce
Were hands and hearts ever so cold
As a bright morning’s field the snow did enfold?
helene – 2016-02-15 @ 01:54am
Good job with the skirmish. I like the fingerpicking ukulele. My favorite line is “white skies and snow meet with a kiss”. Very pretty 🙂
Phil Mills – 2016-02-15 @ 01:56am
It’s a good use of the words and a very nice instrument tone.
janeg – 2016-02-15 @ 02:39am
Sounds good!
cynthiawolff – 2016-02-16 @ 02:47am
Now use of fingerpicking style Just crazy use of the lyric inventive.
Kathryn Hoss – 2016-02-16 @ 01:04pm
It’s cool seeing all the different ways people used these words– I wouldn’t have thought of the beauty of a sunrise! I especially love “Puffy steam serpents slink towards the sky.”

16. I don’t wanna hear
2016-02-15 @ 03:14am
tags: country acoustic-one-take
My Sister complained about all my sad country songs, so she asked me to help music up these lyrics.
She hasn’t been in a band for years so it was fun to help her work this up.
I Don’t Wanna Hear

Lyrics: Sarah McGaughey Music Sean and Sarah McGaughey (c) Feb 14, 2016

Key of A
Intro I V I
I-IV I-V Repeat


I don’t wanna hear
another sad country song
about some poor sod who drank too much
and did his family wrong

Give me a song about a happy ending
No more excuses and hearts that need mending
I don’t wanna hear
another sad country song

No more broken promises
and guilty apologies
no more getting exactly
what you wanted out of me

Sing me a lullaby
about responsibility about doing what is right
I don’t wanna hear
another sad country song

I don’t wanna hear
another sad country song
Jeff and Suzanne – 2016-02-15 @ 03:26am
Nice happy tune to go with your happy lyrics. To add a little tension, if that is something you want to do, you might add other things you don’t want to hear about that aren’t just sad songs… like about the empty bottle of whiskey, the lost dog, and the late train… 🙂
BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-15 @ 04:42am
I enjoyed this very much 🙂 I like your strumming, you keep it very even and the tempo does not change. Thank you for writing this.
bamtone – 2016-02-15 @ 01:54pm
Nice happy song! Enjoyed it!!
Phil Mills – 2016-02-15 @ 10:29pm
That’s a good antidote for too much sadness. Obviously, Sarah needs an account on here too.
arthurrossi – 2016-02-16 @ 11:28pm
A song that made me smile… The hook works perfectly and the tune is awesome… A lovely song-idea and beautifully brought to life…
Chip Withrow – 2016-02-17 @ 01:35am
Sounds like guitarist and vocalist gathered round the wood stove in the kitchen – and I miss those days. Exuberant and delightful. Dig this one a lot.
joefahey – 2016-02-17 @ 10:00pm
Wow, you have been prolific and so nice to collab with your sister. It’s a very true about all those sad country songs, more were to her for point that out and doing something about it. This is great song, sounds like it could be a hit.

17. Computer Says No – Ukabilly Version
2016-02-15 @ 04:27pm
tags: folkabilly uke-pop guy-with-ukulele fuc nerdcore
@jaegerin and I usually do a collaboration each fawm. We work working on a collab on a set of her lyrics, Computer Says No when @beat posted a beauty 8 bit bloopy interpretation of them. Jackpot– two collabs for the price of one. Check it out at

As always it was lots of fun working with @ductapeguy, and he’s done a fantastic job with my words here. Love it!
Computer Says No
(c) February 2016. Lyrics Jane Eggers, Music Sean McGaughey

Uke Bass and Vocals: Sean McGaughey
Drum loops.

Key of G. Folkabilly? Uke-Pop
Verses G G C C G G D D G
Chorus C C G G D D G G
Bridge C C G G D D G G
Night flight from Frankfurt
Lay my passport on the scanner
Feet on the footplates
Biometric face:
All features in place…
Red light!

Computer says no-oh-oh
Computer says no
Who’s in charge here anyway?
Computer says no

Write a new blog post
Share my wisdom with the world
Carefully crafted prose
Click “analyse”
And to my surprise…
Red light!

Computer says no-oh-oh
Computer says no
Who’s in charge here anyway?
Computer says no

Self-service checkout
Scan my items one by one
Yes I have my own bag
I’ll pay by card
Can’t be so hard…
Red light!

Computer says no-oh-oh
Computer says no
Who’s in charge here anyway?
Computer says no.

Innovate, automate
It always seems so great
But in the end
It’s only making me wait

Computer says no-oh-oh
Computer says no
Who’s in charge here anyway?
Computer says no.
pwl1 – 2016-02-15 @ 04:33pm
Great job guys!
Amanda West – 2016-02-15 @ 04:50pm
What a fun song ! Great collab, works well together 🙂
mom23gals – 2016-02-15 @ 04:55pm
Fun interpretation! I would love to hear the vocals a bit stronger in the mix. 🙂
metalfoot – 2016-02-15 @ 05:48pm
Fun stuff! Two great and wildly divergent versions of this song!
beat – 2016-02-15 @ 07:03pm
*] great that you got a uke, no bugs in that one i hope. i like nerdcore am a korgeek myself. realy like your turn at it… and not just being friendly. i guess i have to get an early nap tonight. but i’ll be round here again to listen to the rest of your tracks. looks like you’re really busy. cheers from vienna
andygetch – 2016-02-15 @ 10:43pm
peppy and ukebilly, fun melody, did @jaegerin lyrics good, 4 sure LOL
cynthiawolff – 2016-02-16 @ 02:46am
Uke a billy! I like this different interpretation..
darcistrutt – 2016-02-19 @ 02:00pm
Liked these lyric before, and this music brought all kinds of smiles. The delivery of the chorus was a hoot!
oaksnprairie – 2016-02-22 @ 10:37pm
What a fun song! We can all come up with a few more verses –it might never end! At least until the computer says no.
mattblick – 2016-02-26 @ 12:55pm
Hooky Chorus. Can imagine it with a choir or at least crowd vocals
kristi – 2016-02-28 @ 12:31am
This is a fun one! We can all relate to this! lol I like the playful melody, singing and playing. Good chorus…”who’s in charge here anyway”…well said. A timely piece for us all! Enjoyed it!
jessica Szturmann – 2016-03-02 @ 10:00pm
haha… I love it.

18. Deep Freeze Nightmare
2016-02-20 @ 01:20am
tags: guy-with-guitar folkternative songskirmish allskirmishes
This was sort of an exercise in singing the phonebook. I strung all the skirmish titles together, tried a rhythm and melodic structure I wouldn’t normally use, layered on unison vocals and too many effects. It is what it is. Don’t set @timfatchen on me.
Feb 1st – A – A Shot Rings Out
Feb 1st – B – Playing With Fire
Feb 1st – C – The First Time
Feb 3rd – A – a childhood story (topic)
Feb 4th – A – If _____, Then ________
Feb 6th – A – Wishing For _________
Feb 7th – A – Lyricloud challenge (get a cloud and use as many or all of words tag #lyricloud
Feb 7th – B – You Don’t Know
Feb 9th – A – Pancakes make me feel.. #pancakeday
Feb 12 – A – Nothing But Love
Feb 14 – A – lyricloud specific – again amai body cherries day dismiss girl give goodnight hands heart kiss knobbly la lonely marshall mattress orchids poison puffy reminisce sassafras serpents sun-drenched things torture #lyricloud2
Feb 14 – B – Deep Freeze
Feb 14 – C – nightmare #skirmish14c
Feb 17 – A – Oversized #oversided #skirmish17

Deep Freeze Nightmare
Sean McGaughey (c) Feb 19, 2016

Chord structure (G X 2, Cmaj7 X2) X3 (Am x2 D x2) x2

A Shot Rings Out
We’re Playing With Fire
It’s not The First Time
I Tell you a childhood story
If things were different. Then why am I exactly the same
Wishing For What You Don’t Know
Longing but you can’t have

(Fx2 Gx2) X4
Pancakes make me feel.. #pancakeday
Nothing But Love
Deep Freeze nightmare #skirmish14c
My Heart is Oversized #oversided #skirmish17

Your cherry lips leave a poison kiss,
An orchid scent on a lonely mattress
As the serpents marshall round my heart
A tortured day doesn’t give a good night
Just shaking hands and puffy eyes.
Wishing For What You Don’t Know
Longing but you can’t have
klaus – 2016-02-20 @ 03:06pm
Lyrics work amazingly well for such a random approach. Another surprise is that the song has a nice big rock feel to it. Klaus likes it.
motorcitymusicman – 2016-02-23 @ 03:43am
This is great work, stringing all the random words and phrases together into a pretty coherent song. I love the beginning of the chorus: “Pancakes make me feel / nothing but love.” The music is also fun. Very nicely done.
driftwood1 – 2016-02-25 @ 01:02am
You were able to make this into a very coherent tale. I really like the chorus harmony.

19. Unfinished ACRONYM SKIRMISH doggerel
2016-02-21 @ 01:34pm
tags: lyrics-only needs-collab songskirmish superskirmish
I’m well into the late FAWM curse of churning out nothing but cliches doggerel, drivel, and gibberish.

I started this but nothing is flowing.
Does anybody want to build on it?
Unfinished Skirmish lyrics
(c) Sean McGaughey Feb 21, 2016

My Name is Mike
I’m In IT
Do you have a question for me?
I know a lot about computers and IRC
just ask for M1k3

How R U?
Have you been well?
Not so good myself,
Trapped in a D O S shell.
Please send a funny cat MEME
So I can R-O-F-L”
kahlo2013 – 2016-02-21 @ 01:42pm
This is a fun start! I like the direction it is going!

20. Sleepwalkin’
2016-02-25 @ 12:14am
tags: folk collab guy-with-ukulele
Sean’s Comments: I have always enjoyed the musicianship and wordcraft of @joefahey. When we set down to do a collab, I wanted to play with words with him. I actually started our brainstorming with a rack of scrabble tiles then went from there. Then we traded verses back and forth for a few days till this happened. I hope to write with him again. Enjoy.

Voice and Uke are me. Drums are a loop from freesound by brudelarge

Joe’s Notes: I was honored to have @ductapeguy Sean McGaughey ask me to collaborate on a song with him. Sean has been extremely supportive and inspiring to me for many FAWMs now, I love his enthusiasm and energy for writing and singing.

It’s funny, I’ve done very little collaborating on music writing in my life because my songs and ideas were always a little too weird for the early bands I was in so I got used to living in a bubble of some sort so I was a little hesitant but very eager to try it out.

I thought a good way to go about it would be to not worry about the music or arrangements and just supply some words. I was very excited about the idea of writing some words and hearing someone else sing them. I’ve always thought that would be a great experience to have some day.

I was off to a slow start because we were communicating through G-chat or G-drive or something, I dunno, just something new to me and Sean had a start on the song but had all the Scrabble generated words, or something, I really wasn’t sure what was going on or how to work in that process.

Sean said it was merely to kick start some ideas. I had sent an email to him through my iPad where i have my email signature set to “Sent from my Scrabble Board” because I mainly use my iPad for playing Scrabble and call it my electronic Scrabble Board. I do love Scrabble. And he picked up on that and used it as a fun starting point.

Anyway, it took me a bit to get my bearings but we played a round robin with verse writing, I think I wrote just 3 of them or so and Sean wrote the chorus and bridge.

He sent me a demo and it was so fun to hear it, I considered it done right then. He offered for me to add musically to it but it’s funny, I haven’t even fired up Pro Tools for FAWM this year. I’ve recorded everything on my iPhone this year, mostly in one-take, no overdubs or anything, so I said I was good, “go for it”.

Anyway, it took me a bit to get going but I can hardly wait to do another type of collaboration in that way and I told Sean I’d be up for another. So maybe we’ll get another one in this year or go for another in FAWM 2017.
© Feb 24, 2016 Sean McGaughey and Joe Fahey
Key of C moderate, plaintive.

C – Csus X2,
She’s the kind that draws you in with just a wink.
C – Csus X2,
Leaves boys wondering if to leap or think
With skin smooth and cold as the ice on the lake.
Fx4 G G7
Knows exactly how much and who she can take.

C – Csus X2,
she’s akin to hijinx and shenanigans
C – Csus X2,
uses the car pool lane with her mannequins
got her tuition back from all her courses
Fx4 G G7
then went to the track and bet it on horses

Eyes wide open, sleepwalking
Neither coming nor goin’
C Dm
Praying for a soulmate
To leave them alone

C – Csus X2,
He’s got a heart of gold and not much else
C – Csus X2,
Can never quite love someone as much as himself
Still thinks every girl thinks he’s Mr. Right
Fx4 G G7
Keeps waiting for one to call him Mr. tonight.

C – Csus X2,
waiting for the phone to ring but it’s after nine
C – Csus X2,
he just kills some time with some fruit of the vine
maybe he didn’t pay Verizon it’s happened before
Fx4 G G7
wish she’d just text him or break down the door

Eyes wide open, sleepwalking
Neither coming nor goin’
C Dm
Praying for a soulmate
To leave them alone

Am Em
Once upon a time, only yesterday (just today?)
Am Em
In your neighbourhood, far far away
Am Em
On an Odyssey, lonely hearts might meet tonight
F G G7
Or are they just drips passing like ships in the night

C – Csus X2,
it’s hard to be alone, still waiting for that phone
C – Csus X2,
to ring or to vibrate in my front pocket
maybe I didn’t charge it last night, and I’m not alone
Fx4 G G7
better check the fuse box or get a new socket

Clio Em – 2016-02-25 @ 12:17am
Ooo, great use of polyrhythm you two! (You should mark that it’s part of the week 4 challenge!) Witty and sweet I like the chorus quite a lot; it contrasts slightly but not drastically, and hence it really works.
Jacob Wallace – 2016-02-25 @ 12:20am
“He’s got a heart of gold and not much else”– amazing line! Great write overall. Enjoyed the uke and picking but felt maybe it was a tad slow tempo-wise. I think I was having trouble catching the rhythm of the percussion. Love the vocal, easy listenin’ right there. Great delivery. Fantastic collab guys!
Tessa Emily – 2016-02-25 @ 01:24am
‘Shenanigans’ is such a great word. Nice rhyme with ‘mannequins’ too, haha! Interesting story, telling the perspective of the girl and then the guy, and then tying it together in the last verse. Chill, relaxed sound. Nice
Lee – 2016-02-25 @ 05:38am
What a great write. I was able to close my eyes and just listen to a really cool story.
t-spoon – 2016-02-26 @ 01:59pm
Very nice work you two. That shenanigan mannequin verse might be my favorite rhyme of fawm this year. sounded great.
karlos – 2016-02-27 @ 12:24am
Lovely stuff!! I have now finished so am onto listening big style and I went straight for Uke tunes as I want to hear pros do it, as mine only had two chords!! this is so much more though. Brilliant lyrics and i love the underneath bongo type drums so frantic whilst the tune meanders along.
mattblick – 2016-03-06 @ 09:34pm
And that was a first line that really draws you in. A very Dylan like portrait of a woman – great lyrics eg “she’s akin to hijinx and shenanigans/uses the car pool lane with her mannequins” good collab guys

21. Uke Remedy
2016-02-27 @ 02:18am
tags: fuc folk-pop instrumental
I was fooling around with my DAW, my uke, and a whole bunch of instruments I don’t know how to play. This came out. It’s all me– Uke, Bass, shakers, wood block, toy harmonica. My sister said it reminds her of a song from a 90s TV misspent youth. The title reflects that. Guesses?
mark vee – 2016-02-27 @ 02:21am
Groovy tune!!!! Like the harnonica like thing!!! Musta cured whatever was wrong….
bamtone – 2016-02-27 @ 02:21pm
Happy track! enjoyed it!

22. Towards a Renaissance
2016-03-01 @ 02:27am
tags: folk gospel collab
Placeholder for a song of been working on via google docs and skype with a friend from Edmonton, Brian Parsons. It’s about 3/4 done.
No comments on this song.

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Good to see you back Sean! I’m looking forward to some new songs from you! Have a great FAWM!
Eric Distad – 2016-01-30 @ 06:21pm
@ductapeguy – A collab would be awesome! My time will be limited this year thanks to work but I’m definitely setting aside some time for collabs – so let’s make this happen!! 🙂
kim beggs – 2016-02-02 @ 08:09am
nice tune Sean!
owl – 2016-02-02 @ 05:56pm
Thanks for commenting on my song! The future is now! Hoverboards and robot rhythm sections for everyone!
Christace – 2016-02-02 @ 09:21pm
Hey. Totally recorded on Garage Band. Drums and bass are from their system. Guitar and lead played by myself. Thanks for the review.
Steven Wesley Guiles – 2016-02-03 @ 05:29am
Ducttape, no, he rolled my SPIDER MAN. 🙂 I got lucky. And, my knowledge is extremely low, which made for an entertaining song. 🙂
Gary Knowland – 2016-02-03 @ 01:16pm
So Sean…I can’t thank you enuf for your comments on Jumpdrive!!! and Then I was blown away with joy when I saw you posted it in the forum!! OMG!!! thanks so much!! Rock on!!
BriarRose McDougal – 2016-02-04 @ 01:40am
Thank you so much for your comments on Cut me out!! 🙂
Matt Litzinger – 2016-02-04 @ 02:38am
I really appreciate your kind words on Airport Song!
Aaron Nathans – 2016-02-04 @ 02:31pm
Thank you!
Clio Em – 2016-02-04 @ 06:16pm
Thank you very much!
Clio Em – 2016-02-06 @ 01:34pm
Ha! Are you a fan of Firefly perchance? I often have that mental image. That show was quite “steampunk” even though it was actually space western…
mbhal – 2016-02-07 @ 01:51am
Hey Sean, nice to find a familiar face here. See you in March!
judypie – 2016-02-07 @ 04:52pm
Sweet. thank you 🙂
Tim Fatchen – 2016-02-07 @ 10:43pm
Hadn’t even thought about VLC to speed up the Twang. If it’d been MIDI I would have had no compunction! Speed can hide a multitude of sins! Thanks!
joefahey – 2016-02-07 @ 11:28pm
Sean! That was the sweetest things ever to post on my Soundboard, nice to be back and to see you again, thank you!
pamgrisham – 2016-02-08 @ 04:32am
Thanks for your comment on my songwriter retreat song!
johnstaples – 2016-02-09 @ 10:09am
Congrats on reaching 100 comments!! You rock this place!!
Pop Mythologist – 2016-02-11 @ 03:24am
Thanks for the comment on “Origins,” Sean. Meri did such a great job with it.
arthurrossi – 2016-02-12 @ 08:40pm
Hey! I would like to thank you very, very much for putting “You give my rainbows their colors back again” to music in such a gorgeous way… Thanks so much for giving me this honor… I love the memorable melody and your delivery is that beautiful… Thank you very, very much, sir! By the way, I have added you as collaborator, but, of course, if you prefer you can also re-post the demo as well… 🙂
pwl1 – 2016-02-13 @ 02:48am
Thank you! You must have been reading mine while I was listening to yours.
lesherband – 2016-02-13 @ 08:53am
Thanks for the comments on “You Know You’re the One.” Especially the comments about my singing partner Lola. After 30 mins of convincing a 10yr old that she has a lovely voice I finally got her to sing. It was so much fun. Can’t wait to go back later and fix the multiple mistakes that the adult made:-)
colligated – 2016-02-13 @ 07:47pm
Thank you so much for the recommendation man!
pwl1 – 2016-02-14 @ 02:15am
Thank you for the kind words. 🙂
beat – 2016-02-15 @ 02:42pm
heya, am on the way home, so sorry no time to listen, will later tonight. looking forward to your version of janes words. fawm up. hear you. cheers from vienna
Sabrina – 2016-02-15 @ 10:24pm
Thanks for the lovely comment on Platonic Love Song!! Happy FAWM’ing 🙂
Billy Sea – 2016-02-16 @ 03:01am
Well Sean, for better or worse, I posted it up 🙂
joefahey – 2016-02-18 @ 12:42am
Sean: Yes, I would be up for a Fahey-McGaughey collaboration!
debs – 2016-02-23 @ 05:14pm
Thank you for the lovely comment on the meditation song, my dear. You’re right – a hug is just what it is. Thank you for putting that into words for me 🙂
L.H.Cisco – 2016-02-26 @ 12:21am
Ha! Thanks for the comments dude. Speaking of contrasts, for my next two songs, one song basically remakes “My Favorite Things” followed by a song called “Everything is Terrible”.
mattblick – 2016-02-26 @ 10:15pm
Love “* If necessary, continue forward even if I can’t discern the muse.”
wistah – 2016-02-27 @ 12:46am
Thank you so much for your comment, and your recommendation! I am truly humbled.
joetime – 2016-02-27 @ 01:59am
Thanks so much for the comments and the recommendation! Also: “ukeabilly” is an awesome tag!
wistah – 2016-02-27 @ 02:23am
Sure, I’d be up for a collab. What do you have in mind?
bamtone – 2016-02-27 @ 03:56pm
Ha! I knew Uke sounded familiar, kinda like that theme to Degrassi Jr High???
wistah – 2016-02-27 @ 05:31pm
No worries man. Congrats on your 20th! We’ll catch up next year this time, and plan on a collabo for then.
mattblick – 2016-03-01 @ 05:14pm
Thanks for the comments DTG/Sean!
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Thanks for your comment on Hey Babe!
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Hi Sean…thanks very much for your comment on my song as well as the mention on the recommended thread…it is much appreciated!! Congrats on your winning FAWM!

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