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I have been having a blast at the as one of the 10 official bloggers for the Canadian National Exhibition.

Here is the Story of How I was Selected as an Official CNE blogger

I will try to keep this post updated with links to my CNE media.
Official CNE Blog Posts

  1. Memorable Moments at the Ex
  2. A Timelord’s View of the Ex or The CNE Through the Eyes of a Doctor Who Fan
  3. We Send the World Music
  4. Be a Part of the Circus at the Ex

On the grounds at the Ex, I tried to tweet as much as possible using the free wifi across most of the grounds. My posts on twitter get automatically reposted to Facebook. It was alot of fun enjoying the Ex with my family and sharing it online in real time.

More of my Tweets and pictures are after the break.

My AudioBoos From the CNE

  1. CNE Opening

  2. CNE Day 1 review


My CNE2013 photos on Google Plus


The Official CNE blogger contest was sponsored by Rogers. I was loaned a Galaxy Note 8 tablet for the duration of the fair. I created almost all my CNE audio, video, and blogposts using it. This tablet is a dream to use. As a podcaster I have long played with ever smaller gadgets to find a completely portable multimedia creation platform, and this tablet has been up to the task.

I have been monkeying with a feature of Google + called AutoAwesome, which magically creates animated gifs whenever you upload a sequential series of pictures from the same time and setting. I created a series of these moving vignettes and you can see them below.

Cne In Motion

After my last visit to the Ex, I wrote a song about the Flying Wallendas called Spellbound. Listen in the podcast player above.


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