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I finished February Album Writing Month with 20 new songs. You can find them here on my site or I’m @ductapeguy at the FAWM website.

I was not alone.  410 of 2267 registered writers completed 14 or more songs with 1 person writing 125 new songs. All in all, over 9000 songs were written as part of FAWM.  As we approached the finish line, I invited other FAWMERS to send me audio reflections about their own experiences.  Here they are.


1) Spoken word intro

2) Billy Day by Sean McGaughey @ductapeguy

Billy Day- Moose Team


My great-grandfather, Joe Horrocks, hauled freight with a horse team and wagon around 1915-1925 in Northern Alberta. There is a story passed down through the generations that he once met a man who had a trained team of moose.
I did some googling and found a brief article and picture at the Alberta Archives about Billy Day and his moose-drawn carriage.    I wrote the story of how I imagined he came to have a team of moose.

3) Audio reflection by @complexissimple

4) Galaxy Mike by @complexissimple

5)  Hope for the Future @francesriley

6) Audio reflection by @thesahisi

7) Another  by @thesahisi

8) Audio reflection by @marvsmooth

9)  A Woman I Can Trust  by @marvsmooth

10)  Kick the Can by @brownium

11) Audio Reflection by @ductapeguy

12) Underneath by Sean McGaughey aka @ductapeguy

Songs in this episode (All of these are unreleased demos posted on the site.  All songs and recordings are copyright their respective authors).

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