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For my Podcamp Toronto talk, “I Quit- Maybe” today, I wanted to discuss the phenomenon of Podfading and how the experience of podcasting changes for people who have been doing it for a number of years.  I did not have a slide deck or even a clear agenda.  I did have just a few notes on a mind map prepared last night.  One of the participants asked me to post them so here they are.


The talk developed into a wide ranging discussion among several veteran Canadian podcasters including Bob Goyetche, Scarborough Dude, Dave Delaney, Bill Deys, Will Spaetzel, Ninja, Sylvain Grandmaison and several others.  I recorded the session and I may post it at a later date.


Discussion Notes


I Quit!!– Maybe

  • - My Podcast Experience
    • Librivox
      • Volunteer reader
      • Librivox Community Podcast
      • Admin- MC
      • Back to occasional reader
    • Audio Feedback
    • Podcamp Toronto Blog and Podcast
    • For the Sake of the Song
      • About 150 episodes
      • Now going for 5 years since just after pcto 2012
      • Started weekly for first year
      • moved to biweekly for a couple years
      • then monthly
      • have considered podfading many times
      • Now It’s a mostly summertime activity
      • 12 episodes a year released on the first of the month
      • My 2011/2012 series was finished by August 31.
      • Podfade for 10 months– Season
    • K9 Days, Podcast 100 club
    • Guest Spots on other Podcasts
    • Catholic Roundup
    • School Podcast– Family Literacy Day
  • Why do people take up podcasting?
  • Why do people quit podcasting?
  • Life after podcasting
  • When is it time to quit?
  • Antidotes to Podfading
    • seasons
    • reinvent your show
    • bring on a co-host
    • Fine tune your focus
  • You might be about to podfade when?
  • My Podcast and Contact Information:
  • Sean McGaughey
  • Discussion Notes prepared with the open source mind mapping software, Freemind

UPDATE: March 6: I have added the audio recording of the presentation to this post. Enjoy.

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Still in their teens, The Doll Sisters write and perform music that reminds one of the music of their parents and grandparents.  They site traditional celtic music, classic country music and Allison Kraus as strong influences.  Sisters Jenna and Shelby play guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and sing with those special harmonies that can only be achieved by family members.  The Doll Sisters were one of three young sister duos performing last July at the Canmore Folk Festival.  as part pf the  U22 productions contingent of Albertan performers under the age of 22.



For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Elijah’s Rain © The Doll Sisters

The Road © The Doll Sisters

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