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On the 4 hour drive to Podcamp London, this morning, I had the idea to do a session where I would demonstrate how to use audacity to produce a podcast whilst producing a podcast.  I chose the topic of comfort food.  At the opening session in the morning,  I asked people to record audio clips about their favorite comfort foods, then send them to me by email, send me a link or even by bluetooth to my phone.  (One guy tried the bluetooth trick but it didn’t work).   Then at 1:30 I attached my computer to a projector in a seminar room, gathered up the clips and produced this short podcast.  All the while, we were discussing podcasting, the tools I was using and the importance of story.

Thanks to Nick, Joe, @anthonymarco and all the people who attended the session.  The closing music is Peanut Butter Sandwiches by Popple .



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