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On Friday June  we had a wonderful evening at the  Rye Cafe in Midland. My guests were  Marlon Gibbons, Jennifer Ives and Ken Allen. We will be recording two live episodes of For the Sake of the Song  then broke into a magical jam.  Most of the evening was streamed live over ustream.  I had several of my friends and listeners of for The Sake of the Song join us from all over Ontario and several in the ustream from all over North America.  It was a wonderful evening celebration of music and friendship.  Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties with the audio recording, so all we have recorded from the evening is a recording from the live video stream starting about 7 minutes into the interview with Marlon Gibbons.  Henceforth I will be refering to this as the famous ‘lost episode’ of For the Sake of the Song.  Enjoy a bit of what was a magical evening.

Update While writing this post, I relistened to the ustream video from the evening. The conversation and the energy was so wonderful that it overcomes the low quality audio from my webcam’s pinhole mic. So, I captured the audio from the ustream video and here is the audio of For the Sake of the Song 101– The Lost episode.

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