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I went and forgot my second podcasting anniversary.  On March 12, 2007, I released Episode 01- For the Sake of the Song- The Podcast.   In the past two years I have interviewed many songwriters, written a few songs, and recorded a kajillion concerts and special events.  This morning, my wife and I went through the archives of and counted 84 audio podcast episodes of For the Sake of the Song and 11 video episodes.  That makes this special video release episode 95.  I also have a show completed with Sean Peever for release on March 30, and I have about 7 episodes that I need to edit.  Reaching the 100th episode has been quite a goal for me and I can see it from here.

While I was compiling stats, I revisited my post, Milestones, from April 22, 2008 where I totaled up all my podcast episodes.  At the time I had produced over 236 audio programs.

In the last year, I have released 45 Episodes of For the Sake of the Song, for a total of 95.   I also produced 51  Episodes of Catholic Roundup podcast under 3 show names: A Catholic Canadian, The Catholic New Media Roundup and now Catholic Roundup.  We produced 4 new episodes of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast this winter for a total of 18 episodes.  I also released 4 special reports about Podcamp Boston 2 in 2007.  My recording of my brother in law, Drew Beatty’s podcast novel, White Trash Land has 23 sections. Drew is currently podcasting his second novel Lost Gods.    From 2006-2008, I hosted about 20 episodes of the Librivox Community Podcast.  I have also completed 115 sections of public domain books and poetry for Librivox.   I have 21 videos up on my youtube page.  There are probably a couple special one-off projects with groups like Twisted pines that I’m overlooking as well.  I also regularly record audio feedback for other podcasts and record concerts and demos for myself and others but have no accurate count of those, so I’m only counting audio and video I’ve released on the net.

100 audio and video programs that I have produced in the last 11 months for a total of 336 finished audio and video programs.

(give or take a few)

This month also marks the 2nd anniversary of  RussTV, my good friend Russ Clayton’s YouTube program for children. I have been on his show several times over the past two years.  I was on RussTV: Episode 4- Guiters and Banjers and Episode 9: Down By The Little Lake.

This week, we recorded 2 more public domain songs for Russ TV: Wild Mountain Thyme and Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  Enjoy.

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