Filed Under (blog) by Sean on June-15-2008

After two years in the podcasting community it has become clear to me that podcasters are very concerned about the freedom to communicate that new media gives us.  As a community we are also early adopters and VERY adept at trying and using social media tools.

The power of the community has been seen at Podcamp Philadelphia with the coining of the term bacn for email you want, but do not want to be overwhelmed with.  Over the course of a couple hours, the idea was coined and viral means of disemminating the message and how to deal with bacn were successfully deployed.

At Podcamp Boston, the silly meme of LOLsaurs was conceived, launched and taken to the front page of Digg in less than 18 hours.

Initiatives like the Frozen Pea Fund, and Dave Fleet’s Social Media Marathon demonstrate that the podcasting community is deeply socially aware and responsive to issues outside the community.

With Podcasters across borders just a week away, I’m wondering how we can use the collective energy and intelligence of the podcasting community to create some kind of a viral fuss around stopping Bill C-61 which will bring American copyright craziness to Canada?   Any ideas?

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