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This week I recorded not one, but two parody songs for specific purposes.

The first was a version of The Librivox Song Penned by Daniel known as Great Plains on the Librivox forums. It was featured on

      Librivox Community Podcast 80
(To the tune of “I’m Henry the 8th I Am”) (Don’t worry. “I’m Henry the 8th I Am” is in the PD, so we’re clear.)
I’ll read for LibriVox dot org!
Read for Librivox dot org dot org!
I’ll go post on the message board,
then I’ll grab a micphone and record!
And every book will soon be read,
Written by the authors who are dead.
I’ll head on over to LibriVox,
And read for LibriVox dot org!

Good Job Daniel. And be sure to check out his blog.

The second was the Catholic New Media Celebration Blues. I won’t be able to go the the Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta on June 22, 2008, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help promote it. Here is a video and downloadable mp3 of the CNMC Blues.

Sean aka ductapeguy

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