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Fortunately, I was able to arrange an interview with Kyle Heimann of Popple. Popple are getting quite well known around the podosphere for their quirky, funny nerdy songs about life and faith.

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the interview.

Fortunately, Kyle installed Skype so we could record in relatively high quality using his professional mic and mixer.

Unfortunately, his connection would cut out for about 4 seconds every minute or so.

Fortunately, he was willing to use Skype just as a conduit and record his own end of the conversation then I could piece them together.

Fortunately, that meant he could play songs live on the recording.

Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t with Kyle’s internet connection. His computer was taking a 5 sec nap every few minutes.

Fortunately, I just spliced in the album cuts of Popple’s songs.

Unfortunately, my editing program crashed just before I finished the editing, and I neglected to save it.

Fortunately, I had the original files, and just edited them together again.

Unfortunately, just as I finished saving the Mp3, I was tidying my hard disk and DELETED the WHOLE WORKING FOLDER!!!!! AARRGGHHH!!!

Fortunately, I edited it back together again and it’s awesome.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Contra(© Popple)

Henry the Ninja(© Popple)

Duct Tape Song(©1999 S. McGaughey)

Peanut Butter Sandwiches (© Popple)

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