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Rob Heath is an Edmonton based singer-songwriter who I met when I was visiting my parents a couple of years ago. He writes thought-provoking country flavored songs. His CD , Couple of Times Around the Sun, is a polished collection songs from a songwriter at the top of his game. Rob has a new CD coming out in the spring. Be sure to watch for it at his website,


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

When Big Boys Cry( © 1994 Rob Heath and Nicki Berns)

The Future Aint What It Used to Be (©2003 S. McGaughey)

What Jenny Draws (© 1998 Rob Heath)

Rob Heath

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Tomorrow is April K27 and it’s on a weekend, woohoo.
This week there are a few initiatives on the Net you may wish to comment upon.
1) In some sad news, Ross from the Dry Shave podcast has had a heart attack. Mark Blevis has organized a campaign to send Ross funny get well cards. For more information, you can check out Mark’s post at .
Please send your humourous get well cards by May 5 to:
c/o Mark Blevis
PO Box 4813, Station E
Ottawa, ON K1S 5H9
Mark will forward them on to Ross to enjoy.

2) Mike the Birdman Dodd of This Week in Geek has organized a campaign to help his friend, classmate and podcasting partner, Pierce Derks. In short: Pierce is an American Citizen applying for Canadian Residency and the process is stalled. This is putting his education at Niagara College in jeopardy unless he can come up with about $10000 for International student tuition fees. You can find out more at

3) Congratulations to Dave Fleet ( ) for completing the Boston Marathon, and for using his marathon run to raise $2315 for cancer research.

That’s all for me today

Take some time tomorrow to send some feedback to a podcast and continue the conversation.

Sean McGaughey

P.S.  My K7 number is  206-337-0611 .

Over the past few weeks, several of my peers in the podcasting community  have reached the milestone of 100 shows.  Congratulations to Mark and Bob at the Canadian Podcast Buffet, Isabelle and Dave at Broca’s Area, Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation, and Javier, Gerard and the crew at the Hands and Feet Show.  The Bob and AJ show is at show 98 and should be able to release their 100th show before Podcasters Across Borders in June.

My current episode of For the Sake of the Song with Kyle Heimann from Popple is Episode 50.   I was feeling a little down that it will be some time before I reach my 100th episode, then I started doing soime math.  I currently have  6 more shows ‘in the can’ to be released between now and the end of June.  With podcast extras, and other special episodes I have 65 produced shows on my For the Sake of the Song site.  I also produced 25 audio podcasts for my Lenten multimedia project, 40 Days of Catholic Media on my Catholic Canadian site. We produced 14 episodes of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast this winter.  My recording of my brother in law, Drew Beatty’s podcast novel, White Trash Land has 23 sections.    Since October 2006, I have hosted about 20 episodes of the Librivox Community Podcast.  I have also completed 89 sections of public domain books and poetry for Librivox.   There are probably a couple special one-off projects with groups like Twisted pines that I’m overlooking as well.

Just a sec while I do the math here.

65 plus 25– carry the one,  add 14 plus 23, then 20 more add 89 equals…

236 audio programs that I have produced in the last 18 months or so.

(give or take a few)

Well none of my projects is currently near the century mark, I do believe I’m amassing a fair body of work.

Enough of blowing my own horn.  I now return you to the regularly scheduled conversations with some wonderful songwriters.

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Fortunately, I was able to arrange an interview with Kyle Heimann of Popple. Popple are getting quite well known around the podosphere for their quirky, funny nerdy songs about life and faith.

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the interview.

Fortunately, Kyle installed Skype so we could record in relatively high quality using his professional mic and mixer.

Unfortunately, his connection would cut out for about 4 seconds every minute or so.

Fortunately, he was willing to use Skype just as a conduit and record his own end of the conversation then I could piece them together.

Fortunately, that meant he could play songs live on the recording.

Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t with Kyle’s internet connection. His computer was taking a 5 sec nap every few minutes.

Fortunately, I just spliced in the album cuts of Popple’s songs.

Unfortunately, my editing program crashed just before I finished the editing, and I neglected to save it.

Fortunately, I had the original files, and just edited them together again.

Unfortunately, just as I finished saving the Mp3, I was tidying my hard disk and DELETED the WHOLE WORKING FOLDER!!!!! AARRGGHHH!!!

Fortunately, I edited it back together again and it’s awesome.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Contra(© Popple)

Henry the Ninja(© Popple)

Duct Tape Song(©1999 S. McGaughey)

Peanut Butter Sandwiches (© Popple)

You can buy Popple’s CDs, including the new CD, Plaid, at

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Washboard Hank

For many years, I have loved the music and antics of Washboard Hank, both with his own band and as a member of Fred Eaglesmith’s band. Last week, he was in town performing and schools and playing a couple of promotional events for Twisted Pines Music and Art. I caught up with Hank and we reminisced about the life and death of his good friend Willie P. Bennett.

We were joined by Paul Northcott the A.D. of the Twisted Pines Festival who shared some of his memories of Willie P., and gave a sneak peek into some of the events happening at the Twisted Pines Music in Movies Festival on May 5-19 in Midland and Penetanguishene. Washboard Hank will be performing at the festival, and I hope to record a full episode of For the Sake of the Song with him, showcasing his songwriting and his music.

Information and tickets for the festival can be found at

Twisted Pines Movies and Music

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Twisted Pines Movies and Music

About 18 months ago, we made the difficult decision to close the Mundy’s Bay Folk Society after 17 years due to rising expenses and declining attendance at our monthly live music performances.

I was quite excited when a new organization in our town sprung up to present live music. Twisted Pines Music and Art produced a 5 day festival of music, movies and visual arts last Victoria Day weekend at a variety of locations in Midland and Penetanguishene. I helped out stage managing one of the stages, and recording as many interviews as I could for my podcast. It’s not often that so many songwriters are in one place in my hometown.

Over the past year Twisted Pines has been quite active in producing a variety of events in my area: concerts, movies, author readings at local libraries, performances in local schools and regular after school workshops at the Penetanguishene library.

This May 9-19, they are presenting Twisted Pines Music in Movies featuring nightly screenings of music themed movies and documentaries, followed by Q and A sessions with filmakers and musicians involved in the movies and performances by some amazing bands. Festival Performers will also be doing presentations at a number of local schools during the weeks of the Festival. I’ll be there recording interviews, helping out where I can, and enjoying the general vibe of the festival.

Over the past year I have produced nearly a dozen programs in conjuction with Twisted Pines Music and Art. Check out the following:

Episode 8
John Wort Hannam
Episode 15 Canada Day Special with Jowi Taylor
Episode 19 Nancy Dutra
Episode 20 Wendell Ferguson
Episode 21 Hammel on Trial
Episode 22 Magoo

Episode 44

Manitoba Hal Brolund
Episode 49 Paul Quarrington and Pork Belly Futures
TwistedPines-Words and Music A smattering of the November 30th Evening Featuring an introduction by Paul Northcott, Music by Pork Belly Futures, poetry by Holmes Hooke, and a reading by Claire Cameron with background music by Pork Belly Futures. A good time was indeed had by all.
Twisted Pines at the Penetanguishene Library Claire Cameron and Paul Quarrington Reading at the Penetanguishene Library November 30.
In November I was asked to give a presentation on listening to and creating podcasts at the Penetanguishene Public Library in conjunction with Twisted Pines. Here are my slides and notes:I have a podcast and you can too
To Be Released: Interview with Washboard Hank and Paul Northcott remembering Willie P Bennet and promoting the upcoming Twisted Pines Movies and Music Festival.

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There is a wonderful music store in Downtown Midland, Johnstone’s Music Land which has been run by 3 generations of the same family. It is a funky small town music store which has over the years sold musical instruments, stereos, rented rehearsal space, sold records, then tapes, then CDs, and rented PA equipment. They also were great about having a rack in front of the store for recordings by local musicians. In short, it is much like any other small town music store. I pop in there when I need strings for my guitar or just to shoot the breeze. When I went in the other day to chat, I noticed that the CD racks have been replaced by shelves and shelves of sheet music and more floor space for instruments. I asked Steve if they had gotten out of CD sales. He said that it was no longer profitable for a small business to stock and sell CDs. It’s been many years since I bought a mainstream CD, so I asked when they had had gotten rid of the CDs. He said that it was 2 years ago. I hadn’t even noticed. It was the only retail store where you could buy my CD. Ouch.

I also noticed a couple weeks ago that the gigantic Music World in a mall in Barrie has closed down and has not been replaced. I guess the world really has moved to digital.

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