Filed Under (Barrie, for the sake of the song, Midland, podcast, Simcoe County) by Sean on March-10-2008

Today marks one year since I recorded Episode 01- For the Sake of the Song-The Podcast. It’s been a fun time. In that year I’ve released 45 podcast episodes of For the Sake of the Song, but I’ve actually produced 54 episodes. I have shows ready to release on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month up to the middle of June. I have enjoyed interviewing other songwriters and it has certainly given me many insights into how and why people write songs.

I’m not going to say which episodes or guests were my favorites. Like songs or children, they are all my favorite. However, I’m interested in knowing which guests or songs were your favorites in the past year.

You can send your comments to, leave me a voicemail at 206-337-0611. (Long distance charges to Seattle may apply),. or leave me comments here on the blog.

If I get enough response over the next few days, I might prepare a best of … clip show.

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