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Tim Chesterton

Tim Chesterton is an Edmonton based folk-singer-songwriter, novelist, prolific blogger, and Anglican minister. His blog, Talespin is a central repository for his music, his photography, the evolving drafts of his novel, A Time to Mend, and his insights on the Internet and everyday life. He has produced one CD, The Falcon Carol, which can be purchased through his website. Proceeds from the sale of the CD go to Habitat for Humanity. I met Tim at an open stage in Edmonton when I was visiting my parents there a couple years ago.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Lord Franklin ( Traditional: Arrangement© T. Chesterton)

Watching This Town Growing Old ( © T. Chesterton)

The Falcon Carol( Traditional- B. Britten: Arrangement © T. Chesterton)

Name Dropping

Talespin: Tim Chesterton main webpage

An Anabaptist Anglican Tim’s sabbatical blog
The Falcon Carol
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