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When I set up this blog and podcast last winter, I put alot of thought into a descriptive domain name for “my personal brand”  all the good mcgaughey (.com, .net, etc)  names were taken, seansongs was taken, etc…  I settled on my long time nickname and registered

This has led to some confusion with (2 t’s) and with the guy who does the duct tape marketing podcast.  So… today I was googling my name and saw that was available.  I have registered it and redirected it here at  I’m hoping that it will help people find me and my podcasts.

Any comments or ideas?  What’s in a name?

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Russ Clayton on August 3rd, 2007 at 2:27 pm #

How about ductttttapeguy with 5 t’s. I’ll bet nobody has that! Just kidding! Have fun at your Elmvale gig this weekend!

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