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Today is Canada’s 140th birthday. (Oh-Oh that means in November I’ll be 40). Anyhow, on May 18 I got a chance to play the Six String Nation Guitar and I interviewed Jowi Taylor about the project, at the Twisted Pines Music Festival. This morning as my family was getting ready to go out to Midland’s Canada Day celebrations, I got a brainwave that the Six String Nation Guitar could be the subject of the patriotic Canadian song I’ve long wanted to write. So, here is Six String Nation my contribution to Canadian patriotism, written on July 1.

Six String Nation

July 1, 2007 © Sean McGaughey


C Am F G

Jowi dreamed of a way to tell our stories

C Am F G

from the humblest moments to a nation’s greatest glories


From sea to sea to sea he crossed our land

F G C G7

Searching for fragments of our past.


George recalls arriving on our shores a refugee

dreaming of a future filled with opportunity,

Fifty years along he took the wood from near and far

Fashioning our nation’s guitar.



F G C C7

We are citizens of the six-string nation

F G C C7

Its song unites us across the generations


From the scoundrels to the saints

C C/B Am

we all belong

F G G7

Oh Canada, this is our song


Oh Canada.


From the dance floor at Handhills Lake, to the seats of Massey Hall

St Boniface Museum, the Forum in Montreal

The Parliament Building, the lighthouse at Cape Grace

It’s part of your heritage. This is Canada.


Henderson, Macdondald, Lucy Maud Montgomery

John Ware, Nancy Green, Trudeau, Wayne Gretzky

Lawren Harris, Joe Lebobe, Jack London, and the Rocket

This special Canada Day episode of For the Sake of the Song consists of me playing the Six String Nation Guitar, my interview with Jowi Taylor, and the debut recording of my new song Six String Nation. Happy Canada Day. (Whew it’s 11:22 pm- I just got this out under the wire).


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

The Duct Tape Song (©1999 S. McGaughey)

Six String Nation (©2007 S. McGaughey)
Sean McGaughey playing the Six String Nation guitar

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Mom on July 3rd, 2007 at 9:56 pm #

Love the new song. Great interview and podcast!

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