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Bob Goyetche tagged me with the 8 Things About Me meme.

Here we go

  1. I used to perform in musical theatre at the South Simcoe Theatre in Cookstown, Ontario.
  2. I went to the seminary for 4 years.
  3. I have been married to Nancy for 11 years and we have one daughter.
  4. Yes, I did send my Ductape Song to the Red Green Show. … and nothing happened from it.
  5. I played trombone and baritone horn in high school.
  6. I traded my baritone and a website design for a hand-made Peter Cox archtop guitar.
  7. I am faster at completing memes than Bill Deys
  8. In 1990 I lived in 7 different residences in 3 provinces and the Northwest Territories.

Now to pass it on.

Barry from Barrie, Andrew Beatty, Sarah McG.

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