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This morning I noticed on Facebook that Derek Miller’s birthday is coming up.  Derek has had a rough week with bad news on the health front.  Bill Deys and I were chatting about what we could do for Derek’s birthday.  I’ll let him take over from his post. 

Help us wish Derek K. Miller a Happy Birthday

Over IM this morning with Sean McGaughey he pointed out the recently Derek Miller of The Penmachine Podcast has a birthday fast approching! He has also received some news that isn’t so Happy. You can read about it on his blog, he has been amazingly open and honest, but I feel this is not the time or place to get into that in great detail. Anyways in light of all that we want to put togeher a bunch of Happy Birthday and Well Wishes for Derek. We need two things, first is some audio. Say whatever you want, from as simple as “Happy Birthday” or more personal if you choose. Mark Blevis has steped up to take on the task of editing it all together, so send your audio to We would like to keep it short so try and keep comments to 5-10 seconds each. The other thing we need is to get the word out. Twitter it, Blog it, whatever you can do to help. We would like it to be a surprise but it’s not the end of the world if it gets out and we get more response! Check back to this post for update on how it’s going or if there is any new information!

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There is now a K7 Voicemail number  206-666-4788!

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Ron Belanger with a 12 string guitar he made.

Ron Belanger is a luthier and songwriter from Orillia. He makes beautiful handcrafted guitars, which can be seen at Ron and I talked about guitar making, the folk scene in the 60’s, songwriting, and how guitar makers are using the Internet.

Official Luthier’s Forum

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

The Woods Music and Dance Camp

Grit Laskin

Rick Fielding

Orillia Folk Society


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

School Days ( © 2005 S. McGaughey)

Sunday Morning ( © Ron Belanger)

No More Logs Around Couchiching ( © Ron Belanger)

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(Some of you may need to fill your glass before you continue).

18. Tod Maffin’s informal presentation of From Idea to Air in his hotel room.

17. Chatting with the Scarborough Dude over the fence after he got banned from the bar.

16. Julian stating a “universal truth” about podcasting then jumping on Tod Maffin’s bed.

15. Connie Crosby liveblogging the talks.

14. Meeting Nico, Terry Fallis, and John (Oops) Mark and Maureen from Baba’s Beach.

13. The Canadian Podcast buffet.

12. Todd Maffin may be the tech guru of Canada through his radio columns but when his Macbook crapped out 10 minutes before his presentation, he called Derek Miller in Victoria Burnaby to talk him through fixing it.

11. 86 books donated to Kingston Central School.

10. Jack Ward calling Hugh McGuire a communist during his presentation Audio Drama: It Just Might Save Your Life

9. Bill Deys’ chatroom

8. Todd Maffin on Youtube playing the cowbell with Uncle Seth.

7. Chris Penn donating a second H4 for Sunday’s draw.

6. Listening to the James Wittingham’s remote coverage on

5. My very tall 7 year old daughter running right under Mark’s legs. Man he’s tall.

4. Amaya and Charlotte laying their heads on Todd Maffin’s chest while he sat on the floor at the back of the room.

3. The spontaneous $291 raised by everyone when Bruce Murray’s camera was lost, and Chris Penn’s wonderful idea to donate the money to the school library when the camera was found.

2. Being the musical guest on Bill Deys 100th Deys cast.

1. Your podcast is not a #$#!!!!# toaster.

P.S. Since Nico won the second zoom H4 on Sunday, I’m going to start a Get Nico to Start a Podcast group on Facebook. Please join me.

My hearty thanks and congratulations go to all the presenters and especially to Bob, Mark, Cat and Andrea without whom PAB would not have happened. See you next year.

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What a weekend in Kingston! PAB 2007 was amazing! Congratulations to
Mark, Bob, Cat, and Andrea for organizing such a great conference.

Some of the standout presentations for me were: How Podcasting Will Save the World by

Hugh McGuire, Five Low-cost or No-cost Treats For Your Sound by Bruce Murray, Audio Drama: It Just Might Save Your Life by Jack Ward and the notorious Broken Toasters, William Shatner and Podcast Burnout by Neil Gorman. I also got to attend the informal presentation of From Idea to Air: Making Radio Stories That Don’t Suck in Tod Maffin’s hotel room.

I had some great conversations with John and Maureen from Baba’s Beach, Tommy Vallier, Jay and Amaya from Uncle Seth, Terry Fallis, William Spaetzel, Nico, Barry from Barrie, Scarborough Dude, Vergel Evans, and I think I convinced Danielle Rossi to start up his long delayed podcast. I wowed everyone with the beryl desktop on Ubuntu on my laptop. I also recorded the 100th episode of the deyscast with Bill Deys. Congratulations Bill.

While I was at the conference, my wife and daughter hung out by the pool and shopped their way through downtown Kingston. A good time was had by all. I’m already counting the days until the next podcamp or PAB. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

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George Scott is a songwriter and co-host of the monthly Songwriter’s Showcase in Alliston, Ontario, held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Museum on the Boyne, 250 Fletcher Crescent, Alliston.

Songwriter’s Showcase:

Jason Cliche
Roman Riccio

Brentwood Coffeehouse: 9926 Simcoe County Road 10, Brentwood, Ontario


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

Beds and Boots ( © 2003 S. McGaughey)

Springtime Romance ( © George Scott)

When You Love Someone( © George Scott)

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Bob Goyetche tagged me with the 8 Things About Me meme.

Here we go

  1. I used to perform in musical theatre at the South Simcoe Theatre in Cookstown, Ontario.
  2. I went to the seminary for 4 years.
  3. I have been married to Nancy for 11 years and we have one daughter.
  4. Yes, I did send my Ductape Song to the Red Green Show. … and nothing happened from it.
  5. I played trombone and baritone horn in high school.
  6. I traded my baritone and a website design for a hand-made Peter Cox archtop guitar.
  7. I am faster at completing memes than Bill Deys
  8. In 1990 I lived in 7 different residences in 3 provinces and the Northwest Territories.

Now to pass it on.

Barry from Barrie, Andrew Beatty, Sarah McG.

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With 5 days until PAB and following the success of my Official Podcamp Toronto Meme here is my un-official Podcasters Across Borders Meme. Add your responses to the comments or post them to your own blog with a PAB2007 Tag. Here we go.

  1. Why are you coming to PAB?
  2. A little homework now: Which PAB registrants would you like to meet? Why?
  3. Who is your “dream interview” for your podcast? Why?
  4. Who would you like to interview at podcamp Podcasters Across Borders?
  5. What is your, “Can’t miss it” session at podcamp Podcasters Across Borders?
  6. What is your favorite podcast?
  7. What is your favorite web resource?
  8. Who is your favorite podsafe musician? (eg. Sean McGaughey).
  9. Ginger or Maryanne?
  10. Bob, Mark, or Tod?

Edit: I goofed. I recycled- revised this from a meme I wrote for Toronto Podcamp and I didn’t take out all the Podcamp references. Sorry.

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