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At Podcamp Toronto, I hung out a bit with Doc Wu. He had a wealth of knowledge about podcasting, a great sense of humour, and a never ending bag of the neatest recording gear. This week, I am the featured artist on the Buffalo Live! Music Podcast with Doc Wu. He interviewed me about my performance and my music. A good portion of our discussion concerned Librivox. He certainly puts in a good word for me and Librivox on the podcast (not to mention playing a whole whack of my music Smile ) .



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Last week I posted that my friend Russ Clayton played the Duct Tape Song on his RussTV YouTube program for children. This week he asked me to be his guest on RussTV: Episode 4- Guiters and Banjers.

Russ had to heavily edit the program to fit it into YouTube’s 10 minute limit. I have the audio of the whole show.

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Woo Hoo. White Trash Land is now up on « White Trash Land

White Trash Land can now be found on as a podcast novel at On, you can subscribe to the service to create your own release schedule to listen to white trash land.

We are also podcasting the novel in serial form at one chapter per week.

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On March 10, I played at a benefit bonspiel for the Minesing Swamp Unplugged Festival. While I was there I recorded a few episodes of my new podcast: For the Sake of the Song: Conversations with Song. I also learned podcasting hard lesson #1. A little ambient noise is OK in a live recording, but recording live shows 30 feet from the refrigeration room of a curling rink is not OK. There is a lot of hum in the recording, but it was great to talk with Steve. I had not seen him perform in over 6 years.

Guest: Steve Porter:


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)
Dark Beauty (© 2003, S. McGaughey)
Full Moon in the Highlands (© S. Porter)
Autumn Words (© S. Porter)

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Watch here for my new podcast, For The Sake of the Song, Conversations with Song. Each episode, I will have a different guest to discuss the art and craft of songwriting, and to play a few songs. To begin, I’m planning to release episodes biweekly on the odd Thursdays. I have recorded a couple of shows and I plan to release one this week. In the meantime, listen to my song,

      For the Sake of the Song
. (As always, you can click the blue arrow to listen directly on my page or click the link to download the file).

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Librivox Community Podcast 26 March 8, 2007


Hosts: Sean McGaughey (ductapeguy) and Jim Mowatt with special guest, Hugh McGuire

  1. LV Theme

  2. Librivox Hellos to Podcamp Toronto

  3. Introduction and how Jim was able to “attend podcamp”

  4. Sean McGaughey

          For the Sake of the Song
    , live from Podcamp Toronto 2007

  5. Interview with Steve “Snowball” Saylor from This Week in Geek

  6. Discussion with Jim Regarding the VoxForge Speech Recognition thread Help Improve Open Source Speech Recognition, on the forum

  7. Stats by Hugh

  8. Other Libri Projects

  9. Interview with Connie Crosby

  10. Promo Time:

    1. Help us to complete as many books as possible during MARCH MADNESS!

    2. Sean (ductapeguy) recorded a book written by his brother-in Law Andrew Beatty, White Trash Land and it is just about to be released on

  11. Jim gives an overview of Newly Started Projects.

  12. darwin & boing boing Discussion on the completion of Darwin’s Origin of the Species and BoingBoing.

  13. Uncle Seth at Podcamp,

  14. Blooper by ductapeguy.

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White Trash Land Cover

For a surprise Christmas gift, I recorded the novel White Trash Land by my brother-in-law, Andrew Beatty. Andrew wrote the book a couple years ago and you can read the whole thing on his blog.

The recording of White Trash Land will soon be available as a podcast novel on .
Think of it as an old-fashioned radio serial with the internet. Stay tuned for announcements of how to listen to the podcast novel chapter by chapter.

Listen below for the official

      White Trash Land trailer #1


      White Trash Land trailer #2

Feel free to download these trailers for use on your podcast.

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