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has flash animations of 30 second re-enactments of classic movies … as
re-enacted by bunnies.

I am particularly fond of
It’s a Wonderful Life.

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Greg Taylor and I will be performing a Sunday evening concert at the
Penetanguishene Centennial Museum, 13 Burke St.,Penetanguishene, Ont.on
Sunday August 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 or 9.

Bring a lawn chair for this free concert.

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In addition to Soundclick,
I posted some of my music onto
They are are smaller folk-acoustic music community and I thought that my
music would be well appreciated by their audience. I posted my duct tape
song yesterday, and first thing this morning, it was #1 on their daily
humour charts. My other music is charting well on the singer-songwriter
charts. I think I found a small pond in which to be a big fish (well
medium-sized anyway). Sean is #1

Check out my music at  

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After a long break, I’m back to blogging. Technically things have
changed a little here. I’m now using
Thingamablog 1.0.2
. My brother-in-law, Andrew changed servers for, so I had to move my files over. Now that summer is here,
I should be blogging more frequently. I have been doing a little
blogging on Andrews blog at
. Check it out. Andrew is a very funny writer.