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The Trumpeter Tribute is a huge stainless steel sculpture of a trumpeter swan in flight, which stands beside Georgian Bay at the foot of King Street in our town of Midland, Ontario.  The sculpture has become quite special to my family.  When our daughter was in her “terrible twos” we sometimes had difficulties getting her to settle down to sleep.  A car ride to “Say goodnight to the Silver Swan,” often did the trick.

From the day the Silver Swan was erected, I thought, “Gee, this would make a great album cover.”  I wasn’t making a CD at the time, just playing a game my sisters and I played when we were in high school.  We would try to one-up each other with the best band names and concepts for album covers.

Now I am making a CD, and the Silver Swan graces the cover (and the front page of my website).  Last weekend, I contacted the artist, Ron Hunt, who graciously approved my use of the image on my CD.  Ron creates amazing wood carvings and steel sculptures.  You can see some of his work on his website at .

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