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Robin Hadfield of DittoDisc and I have been working for several weeks on fine-tuning the cover art for my CD.  I thought we had it almost perfect when she sent me this email.

Hi Sean,

Re the title of the cd ‘For the sake of the song’….you have it typed three different ways for capitlization…it should be the same throughout the cover/back/cd.

Is it: For The Sake of the Song; For the Sake of The Song; For the Sake of the Song?
I will make the changes once you let me know which is correct.
All other changes were made.
Please get back to me asap.

Robin Hadfield

After several months of working on the artwork, I guess I began to see what I expected to see, not what was actually on the page.


I settled upon the gramatically correct, For the Sake of the Song.

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