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It’s been a while since I highlighted any sources for free folk music on the Internet.
Ken Brown is a Celtic guitarist and singer songwriter from Guelph.  I first saw him as part of Anderson and Brown the first time I went to the Eaglewood Folk Festival in about 1992.  I even had the opportunity to jam with him briefly in the gazebo on the Sunday morning.

Ken has a fabulous web page at  Ken has released all his new music as Mp3s on his website.  He is a strong writer, an outstanding guitar player and a passionate singer.  He shines in his re-arrangements of folk standards. Lanigan’s Ball and Set Em Up are two outstanding tracks.  Ken’s example of putting his music on the net is one of the things that inspired me to do the same with my own music.  Enjoy.

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Robin Hadfield of DittoDisc and I have been working for several weeks on fine-tuning the cover art for my CD.  I thought we had it almost perfect when she sent me this email.

Hi Sean,

Re the title of the cd ‘For the sake of the song’….you have it typed three different ways for capitlization…it should be the same throughout the cover/back/cd.

Is it: For The Sake of the Song; For the Sake of The Song; For the Sake of the Song?
I will make the changes once you let me know which is correct.
All other changes were made.
Please get back to me asap.

Robin Hadfield

After several months of working on the artwork, I guess I began to see what I expected to see, not what was actually on the page.


I settled upon the gramatically correct, For the Sake of the Song.

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The Trumpeter Tribute is a huge stainless steel sculpture of a trumpeter swan in flight, which stands beside Georgian Bay at the foot of King Street in our town of Midland, Ontario.  The sculpture has become quite special to my family.  When our daughter was in her “terrible twos” we sometimes had difficulties getting her to settle down to sleep.  A car ride to “Say goodnight to the Silver Swan,” often did the trick.

From the day the Silver Swan was erected, I thought, “Gee, this would make a great album cover.”  I wasn’t making a CD at the time, just playing a game my sisters and I played when we were in high school.  We would try to one-up each other with the best band names and concepts for album covers.

Now I am making a CD, and the Silver Swan graces the cover (and the front page of my website).  Last weekend, I contacted the artist, Ron Hunt, who graciously approved my use of the image on my CD.  Ron creates amazing wood carvings and steel sculptures.  You can see some of his work on his website at .

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I updated my version of Thingamablog today to the brand new 1.0b2 release.
The more I use this program, the more I’m liking it. It has almost all the features of a server side blog program. Plus it is written in Java, so I can use it in Windows or Linux.

Today I fixed the ugly blue A’s which appeared after every date and added a calendar.
Here is the link to the new Thingamablog release.

Thingamablog v1.0b2 Released

   The second public beta of Thingamablog v1.0 has been released. This version includes several bug fixes and usability enhancements along with a couple new features such as a “Feed Reader” tab on the Options Dialog. Users now have the option to update the news feeds at a specified interval. In addition, feed items can now be formatted when they are posted to blog entries via a template.

   v1.0b2 also slightly improves on the performance of the previous beta. The user database now gets loaded in a separate thread, which reduces startup time. The help system and find dialog are now initialized only when they’re needed, rather than at startup, thereby further reducing startup time and the memory footprint.

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In this space I will try to introduce some of my favorite music finds on the net.

Over the past few years I have greatly enjoyed exploring the Internet for sources of free (and officially authorized) music to download. As a folkie, most of the music I enjoy is never heard on commercial radio, so I love having the net as a source for my music.

I also have been influenced by a number of artists like Janis Ian, Paul Bellows and James Gordon, who have released many of their songs as free downloads. I believe that having some of your music freely available to download online can only expand your audience and maybe even attract people to purchase some of your CDs. When I’m interested in listening to an unfamiliar artist, I prefer to listen to whole songs, not short clips. This is why I have released many of my songs on my page at